Lemonhead OG

Go suck a lemon. From royal Choice Farms, this Kush strain tastes just like a Lemonhead and has a bit of mint too. It’s a strain that’s good for a nice day.
Lemonhead weed is a deliciously smooth hybrid cannabis strain. It has a tasty, tangy flavor profile of ripe lemon and a bit of orange with an undeniable sweet undertone. The aroma mirrors the flavor with the added earthy and sour notes. Royal Choice Farms have crafted this plant into a memorable Kush that has vivid and refreshing terpenes. The Lemonhead OG strain plant itself is beautiful to look at with its bright green leaves and yellow pistils. Lemonhead OG is sweet on your palate, giving you a fresh and zestful lemon flavor combined with the lung-expanding hints of mint and eucalyptus. If you have a cold, this smoke might make you feel more refreshed and breathing clearer.

Lemon Head OG weed medical benefits

The Lemonhead strain will give you an enjoyable high. Smokers will experience a rush of feelings of complete relaxation, happiness, and maybe more talkative than usual. It is a good strain for recreational users who wish to smoke in a social setting, and this strain is a great social lubricant for people who are usually shy and anxious in big crowds. The Lemonhead strain has a very high THC level that lies between 22 and 23%. If you have a low THC tolerance or if you are a newbie weed smoker, we recommend taking a small dosage and pacing yourself to avoid being overwhelmed by the effects.
Just like the case with many OG cannabis strains, this smoke starts off with a euphoria that takes the lead. It will elevate your overall mood; you will find yourself in a joyful state filled with smiles and pure laughter. As it moves to the rest of the body, the strain leaves a trail of warm and fuzzy sensations that will relax you in a way that is not overly stimulating. This marijuana strain ushers smokers into a happy and talkative state with some giggles thrown in the mix.
Lemonhead OG cannabis is quite useful for assisting with a range of medical ailments and conditions. Medical marijuana patients appreciate its vast health benefits. In general, Lemonhead OG is known for bringing much-needed relief to those patients who are suffering from different mental health issues such as depression, chronic stress, and anxiety. This strain can also help to stimulate appetite and put nausea at bay, and this is helpful for patients who have lost their appetites as a result of sickness or even treatment. If taken in a higher dosage, its relaxation properties can help people who have insomnia and restless sleep to get a full night’s sleep.
Side effects of this train include dry eyes and mouth, and you should keep a lot of water handy as you smoke. People who are prone to paranoia should take a limited dosage as this Lemon Head can aggravate panic. Some people find that the strain can give them headaches and dizziness; the key is to stay hydrated- water is your friend!

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