Lil Sebastian

Named after the Parks and Recreation pony, this strain is a gallop to the finish line. Combining FPOG and Casper OG, this indica-dominant strain hits you with a smell of citrus, earth, and sweetness. It’s a beautiful strain too, giving you a trichome coating you’re going to love. Lil Sebastian has buds that are fairly large and have a pure, green colour to them with a purplish hue. Anyone looking for an indica-dominant high with a little bit of sativa will enjoy this strain. Indica is clocked in at 70% while sativa is at a mild 30%. It is said to be quite rare to locate this strain of weed. Not only is the aroma of Lil Sebastian pleasant, but its taste will also please users as well. The sweet taste of honey and berries is bold, yet not overwhelming. The resin is very visible and fairly sticky, so be sure to grind it up carefully unless you don’t mind a pair of sticky hands. Because this strain is a hybrid, users will enjoy the mixture of sedation it provides, and the energy it avails. The THC level is fairly potent and is registered at around 19% to 25%.

Effects Of Lil Sebastian

Lil Sebastian Strain is recommended for experienced users who have a fairly high tolerance for cannabis. The high THC levels in this strain might make it a little overwhelming for beginner users and might cause their high to be uncomfortable, especially if they are not knowing what to expect. Even though it is considered to be a potent strain, it’s still said to be quite smooth and doesn’t have the same harshness that other strains have of the same THC content. It provides a decently energetic high that will leave users feeling creative and on their feet at first but then will drag you into a deep and relaxing slumber once those initial effects start to wear off. If you are looking for a little boost in motivation, but not to the point where you can’t wind down after, then this is a strain that will satisfy. It is attractive for users that are experiencing a negative mood and want a little boost in their day. If you just finished work, are tired, and want a kick start to work on a project in the evening but still want to sleep after, Lil Sebastian will do just that. It is advised to use that brief boost of energy wisely though because just as fast as that energy came on, it will dissipate soon after.

Medical Uses Of Lil Sebastian

Like many other hybrid strains of cannabis, Lil Sebastian can also provide a number of different medical benefits. The indica dominance in this weed will help you calm down and those who suffer from chronic pain can benefit from the relaxing effects that this strain offers. Users have reported that after a few hits of this weed, their back pain diminished by a fair amount and enabled them to continue doing household chores. Other users have reported their headaches going away nearly immediately after smoking. Insomnia is another issue that Lil Sebastian can take care of, which is why the best time of day to smoke this cannabis is during the evening hours, leading up to bed.

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