Mag Landrace

Colored with shocks of purple, this dense bud grinds up into a purple sticky pulp that emits a dank mixture of forest floor and diesel. The effects of this strain are immediate and strong, helping with stress, pain, and discomfort of any kind.
The Mag Landrace weed strain is a pure Indica strain that originates from Iran. One of the most important aspects to bring up about this cannabis strain is its very status of being a landrace strain. This means that the Mag Landrace strain is a native species of Iran and it has the same pure genetics that it has always had, it is not a product of a breeder combining two different cannabis strains. Any Mag Landrace seeds that are found in North America are likely to be the product of a weed company called Ataraxia. Ataraxia is responsible for cloning and propagating one Mag Landrace plant that they brought back from Iran to Illinois. The Mag Landrace strain is a lot like most pure Indica pot strains. This strain is ideal for evening use because it induces a high that is quite relaxing and can often be sedative in nature. Mag Landrace has a THC concentration of about 27%.

Mag Landrace has buds that are easy to identify, once you get to know what the characteristics are. The buds are typically elongated and narrow in form. Mag Landrace weed strain nugs take on several different shapes based on the particular setup that they are grown in. The nugs are not very dense and are usually described as looking like pieces. However, this does not say anything negative about the quality of the Mag Landrace bud. They come in a dark green color, with vivid dark purple tones that can look black under certain lighting. You will also find some orange pistils that add a great contrast to the dominantly dark flower. The plant is also coated in a thick covering of clear trichomes, which make the bud look like a pretty winter wonderland.
This is a pure-Indica strain, so you might be able to have an idea of the kind of effects to expect. The Mag Landrace strain high will build quite powerfully at the beginning, and it has been known to induce sudden glee to smokers. After just a few puffs of this strain, you might start giggling with a dopey smile. In addition to the euphoric, overly social feeling, you will not have depleted energy at all. In this time period, you will have a lot of time to finish up any chores you might have forgotten to do before the real fun starts.
As time goes, your limbs will start to feel just a bit sluggish as the weed focuses on relaxing the muscles in the body. You will experience a tingling feeling that quickly spreads through your whole body, taking with it any aches and pains that are standing in its way. Even veteran stoners might start slowly drifting off into a sleepy state. Mag Landrace is helpful for relieving physical and mental strife that might be keeping you from relaxing.

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