Magnificent Mile

Named for the skyscrapers on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, this Iranian Landrace strain will get you just as high. The heavy and dense bud is a beauty, with speckles of purple and orange throughout. It’s effects hit hard, with a significant heaviness that helps control pain, stress, and anxiety. When ground the bud gives off a potently earthy skunk with a hint of diesel.

About Magnificent Mile,
an uplifting and relaxing smoke

Magnificent Mile is a pure indica marijuana strain that has a staggering average of 23% THC concentration. It is a potent plant that impresses in terms of THC levels. As a result, it is not recommended for novice cannabis smokers and smokers who have a low THC tolerance. In some circles in the cannabis community, this strain is known as “Mag Mile Strain”. It is a rare 100% pure indica bud strain that is believed to be a native of the mountains of Iran. In terms of flavours, it has beautiful flavour layers that can be appreciated by users who love indica strains of weed. Magnificent Mile has a rich and sweet herbal flavour once you inhale the first few puffs, As you exhale this bud you will find it gives a smooth flavour while releasing fuel like notes that will remind you of the smell of diesel at the gas station.

If you are looking for a weed strain that has a subtle, undetectable smell, then we would not recommend that you choose Magnificent Mile. Having said that, Magnificent Mile is actually not unpleasant on the nose. This strain gives off a fresh fragrance that may remind you of walking in a flowering garden during springtime. The smell does have that diesel overtone. Some users say it has hints of spice. In addition, once you light this plant up, you will pick up some herbal, earthy scents. In terms of the high once you have puffed some Magnificent Mile high, expect it to creep up on your mind and body. Almost immediately after smoking this strain you may feel some pressure around your temples and the front of your forehead. As the smoke reaches your mind you will experience feelings of relaxation. If you are under any kind of stress or if you have a lot on your mind, you will begin to feel the burden getting lighter. It does have some euphoric effects that build in the back of your mind. As time passes you may begin to experience the good vibes that Magnificent Mile delivers. It will turn any frown that you might have had upside down. It has relaxing properties that relax both the mind and body. You may begin to feel sleepy as high progress.

As such, Magnificent Mile is generally not a recommended cannabis strain for daytime use, it is more suited to a late afternoon or evening smoke session. This yet blissful effect that the state will have you feeling uplifted and incredibly sleepy. This strain will lull you into a state of deep mental and physical relaxation that is often accompanied by a sense of couch-lock. You may want to keep some snacks handy when you plan on smoking this bud. It can bring on a case of the munchies. Medical marijuana users can find this strain as helpful in treating various symptoms. It’s high THC level make Magnificent Mile ideal for treating bodily pains and inflammation. such as migraines or headaches. Its sedating properties make it a good choice for helping patients who struggle with insomnia and interrupted sleep cycles. The fact that it can bring on the munchies means it may be used to stimulate appetite for people with a lack of appetite. It may also help to settle the stomach, bringing relief to patients with nausea.

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