Mai Tai Cookies

Who doesn’t love CBD cookies? From Terraform Genetics, this strain combines Alien Orange Cookies and ACDC. It’s an award-winning strain that’s covered in frosty trichomes, and it smells like orange cherries. For growers, these strains are dense in the bud area and flowers within 50-55 days.
Mai Tai Cookies is a well-known strain throughout the cannabis community. It has a high level of CBD content, and people love the overall taste of it. In 2016, it won the award for the best CBD flower. That same year, it also won second place for being the best CBD concentrate. When people first see this strain, the lower levels of CBD might thwart users away from it. But, after you take a good look at the many benefits and characteristics of the Mai Tai Cookies strain, it becomes much more appealing. The THC content of this strain is on the lower end, sitting at 14%, whereas the CBD levels are usually around 12%. Users will enjoy the sweet taste of cherries and citrus when they start smoking Mai Tai Cookies. The nugs are dense and are a little lighter in color. You’ll notice a heavy coating of trichomes on the buds.

Medicinal Effects Of Mai Tai Cookies

Mai Tai Cookies is known to be suitable for those dealing with pain in their bodies. Users should note that the strain still does have enough THC in it to get people high, so if you’re looking for a CBD only strain without the psychoactive effects, then you might want to avoid Mai Tai Cookies. Upon smoking Mai Tai Cookies, users will experience a surge of energy that will include increased focus and determination. Users won’t typically feel bombarded by these feelings, and they will want to finish their chore list as soon as they can. It’s recommended to use that surge of energy to your advantage while you can because the comedown will overtake you shortly after. You’ll feel euphoric throughout the high, and you might experience some sedation.
Mai Tai Cookies is common among medical users. It can help those who deal with depression by giving them a more positive outlook on life while increasing motivation. It can be a dash of sunshine to those who only see clouds. Headaches and mild cramps can be alleviated by smoking Mai Tai Cookies, and those who have issues falling asleep can consume some it at the right time to help them dose off easier.

Cultivating Mai Tai Cookies

Mai Tai Cookies is usually an easy strain to grow at home. With the flowering time only taking around 7 to 9 weeks, users will be consuming it in no time. The plants are relatively short at only 4 feet tall, so you don’t need to have high ceilings to grow this one. It produces a decent yield, and Mai Tai Cookies might become your new favorite strain to grow in the garden. The strain is an effective way to enjoy the day, deal with medical conditions, and get rid of the pain.

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