Mandarin Dreams

For all of your Mandarin Dream strain info, keep reading. Hybrid strains have become the go-to choice for many cannabis consumers. Many users like having the initial boost of energy, and then the relaxing come down that occurs towards the end. They are useful when the consumer doesn’t exactly know what type of strain they feel like consuming. When you pick up a hybrid strain of weed, it’s almost like ordering off a tasting menu because it’s consuming a little bit of everything at once. The Mandarin Dream strain is a balanced hybrid strain at 50% indica and 50% sativa. Users like the nice journey that comes after consuming the Mandarin Dream because it gives them a taste of many things at once. It contains very appealing flavors and produces a long-lasting high that will have users feeling great.

The THC level in Mandarin Dream averages around 25%. The high THC level makes it a strain that beginner users should exercise caution with. It won’t take anywhere near the same amount of weed to get you high in comparison to smoking a strain that is 15% in THC content. Consuming too much Mandarin Dream cannabis could create an uncomfortable experience if you aren’t familiar with your tolerance level.

Regarding the aroma, the Mandarin Dream strain smells like hops. It also contains earthy hints and fruit and sour citrus smell. Sometimes users will also notice hints of diesel. The flavor also tastes like sour citrus, and on the exhale, users will taste a creamy herbal flavor. If you are growing Mandarin Dream, it is recommended to do so indoors. Perfect climate control will result in a good yield. If you know how to trim cannabis, then you shouldn’t have a problem with this strain.

Effects and Benefits of Mandarin Dream

The Mandarin Dream indica strain starts off with a relaxing high. Users will initially feel that their minds are more settled. Soon after the early stages, the high will start warping into a kind of energy that will have users up and about. Users will feel an increased sense of focus and concentration. Mental clarity will overcome your mind, and your body will start to experience a sense of calmness soon after the initial effects. Those that want to push their limits in the gym can benefit from smoking a little Mandarin Dream before a good workout.

Medical marijuana users like to use the strain for a variety of different conditions. Those who struggle with appetite issues or chronic nausea can benefit from relief after consuming Mandarin Dream. Negative thoughts and depression are other things that can be relieved. Users that consume this strain after a rough day at work will find that their stress levels will disappear. Anyone dealing with muscle cramps and muscle spasms throughout the body will find that Mandarin Dream can help with that.

Mandarin Dream has received many great reviews from a wide variety of different users and is a highly recommended hybrid strain.

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