Marionberry Kush

It’s a delicious fruit and an even more delicious berry. From Heroes of the Farm, this combination Space Queen and Raspberry Kush is so fruity and delicious and has a sour, sweet aroma too. It has six phenotypes, too.
Marionberry Kush is an indica-dominant strain that users lover for the powerful taste. The Marion Berry strain is perfect for all types of smokers. It isn’t too potent that it will ward off beginners, and it isn’t too weak, so veteran smokers can enjoy it as well. The THC content in this strain hovers at around the 21% level. Marion Berry Kush has nugs that are a bright green color. There is a thick coating of trichomes that cover the luscious buds. Users will typically smell strawberries, blueberries, and sometimes even pineapple in Marionberry. The aroma of this weed will all depend on what batch you get, so it can sometimes take users by surprise.

Effects Of Marionberry Kush

The Marionberry strain has a wide range of effects that it can produce in the user. It creates a feeling of relaxation that isn’t too heavy on the euphoric side and also isn’t too intense on the energetic side. It is a perfectly balanced strain, which is why many users prefer it for a wide number of occasions. Marion Berry Kush initially starts off with a cerebral type of high that will break away any negative thoughts or feelings. It helps bring a bit of positivity into the user’s mind, and it will help you see the sun through the clouds. It’s good to keep a stocked supply of snacks when you consume this strain because the munchies start to kick in pretty quickly after the initial cerebral boost. After snacking, users will want to head for a couch and take a nap. If you’re a beginner user that doesn’t have a high tolerance for weed yet, this strain is recommended to smoke in the evening because of the ability to put people to sleep.
The Marionberry Kush strain is great for providing relief of depressive symptoms in those that deal with them. Stress can also be alleviated from smoking this strain. Anyone that deals with pain throughout the body will benefit from the gentle relief that Marion Berry will provide. Those that struggle with insomnia throughout the night can also benefit from taking a few tokes before they head to bed. Appetite issues can also be greatly relieved because of Marion Berry’s capability to create an urge for the munchies. If the weather is rainy outside and you want a quick boost in your mood to help get you through the day, Marion Berry Kush is the perfect strain to choose.

Marion Berry Kush Cultivation

Marion Berry Kush isn’t known to be too difficult to cultivate, but it can sometimes be a bit touchy. Those that have little experience in cannabis cultivation will do fine with growing this one, but beginners might have a more difficult time. Marion Berry grows fine both indoors and outdoors, and it will take around nine or ten weeks to get a large yield. It’s recommended to keep this strain away from cold and frosty conditions if you decide to grow it outdoors.

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