Master Skunk

This one stinks. Master Skunk is from Mr. Nice Seeds, and it’s an indica-dominant combination of Skunk 31 and Master Kush. It smells like sweet earth. For growers, it flowers within 7-9 weeks and is good against mold.

The Master Skunk cannabis strain is definitely the one you need to try if you’re looking for a straight that pulls you back to the 80s. A time where everyone smoked skunky weed and the hairdos were still awesome. Smoke this strain and you’ll immediately notice that the smell is much more pungent than anything you’ve ever smoked. The scent of Skunk will fill your nose so strongly you’ll probably need to take a few minutes to clear it out after every hit. That may be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but still, the aromas coming off of this strain are crazy strong. When it comes to the taste, you’ll notice the exact same thing. Your taste buds will be overrun by an Earth and Skunk like taste that’s bound to linger on your tongue for hours after smoking. Some people may not like this, but a lot of people love it.

Smoking Master Skunk is definitely going to make you tired. Sure, if you just smoke a little bit chances are you’ll just be calm and chilled out. But if you smoke a bunch, you’re going to sleep better than you’ve slept in your life. You’ll sleep like you just pulled three all-nighters in a row. You’re also going to feel super creative. This means if you manage to stay awake long enough, you’re going to come up with a lot of really great ideas. This makes it a perfect strain for both writers and artists, as the more unique and perhaps crazy ideas you have, the better.

The Master Skunk cannabis strain has a lot of medical benefits. The first being headache relief. If you’re prone to headaches or migraines, this is the strain you need to try. Typically headaches are due to inflammation, and Master Skunk is great at reducing said inflammation. Migraines on the other hand can be caused by anxiety and stress, and since this strain is great at reducing both, said migraine will disappear. As we literally just mentioned, Master Skunk is also pretty great at reducing stress and anxiety! Long day at work? Stressed out about school? Not a problem if you smoke a bunch of Master Skunk!

Do keep in mind that this particular cannabis strain does have a few side effects. The first being dry mouth. If you experience dry mouth, all you need to do is drink some water! Another potential side effect of this one is bad breath! It shouldn’t be surprising considering this is one of the stinkiest strains out there! Make sure you brush your teeth afterward!

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