Mendo Queen

This is one queen you’ll want to wor. A combination of Mendo Purps and Crystal Locomotive, this strain is a creation of Gage Green Group you won’t forget.

Mendo Queen is the ultimate strain for a variety of reasons. First, the creative spike that makes itself present is unbelievable. Fight through tasks with outrageous ease. Accomplish goals that you never thought possible. Do all of this alongside Mendo Queen. Why? This particular strain provides crazy energy and a cognitive boost. You’ll feel a subtle body high, but not one that will keep you couch-locked. Rather, a high that warms your extremities, reduces any unfortunate pains and lets you do what you need to do free from fatigue and unnecessary distraction. Regardless of whether you smoke it or consume it in edible form, expect to encounter Earthy flavours mixed in with tobacco and wood. When smoked, the user will encounter Earthy aromas with subtle undertones of tobacco. It is important to note that often aromas smell different from certain users than others. Some users may think that this strain of cannabis smells like pine, whereas others think it smells like acorns. It really is up for interpretation with certain strains, and in this case, the logic stands.

The strain is one that’s excellent for countering body pain. Whether it be toothaches, headaches, or body aches, Mendo Queen is sure to soothe your discomfort. The strain is also incredibly well known for its ability to reduce not just physical pain, but mental discomfort as well. Stress, anxiety, and nerves are all no match for the strain. Many users find that by ridding themselves of the side effects of severe stress (thanks to the strain), that stress subsides. For example, many people suffer from nausea due to severe stress, anxiety or nerves. By reducing the feeling of nausea, the user gains more control, and can, therefore, calm themself down without having to deal with the symptoms. Users suffering from depression and fatigue tend to find themselves benefitting from Mendo Queen, simply because the energy boost overpowers the depressive urge to isolate one’s self, and instead, get out and socialize.

Unfortunately, there are a few common side effects associated with the strain. First, and most common, is dry eyes. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens enough for it to be something to stay wary of. Severe dry eyes can be countered using basic off the shelf eye drops and are not something to worry about unless present for a lengthy amount of time after the high subsides. Second, in line is dry mouth. The most common and classic side effect of cannabis in general. This particular side effect is the easiest to counter however, as simply having a glass of water or a few flavourful mints will solve your problem instantly. Last, and thankfully least common, is paranoia. As the strain is known to boost energy levels and increase your creativity, it should come as no surprise that paranoia is bound to happen to some users. Worry not, for paranoia tends to not last longer than short bursts. You’ll be back to accomplishing your goals at lightspeed in no time at all.

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