Moonwalker Kush

Defy gravity with Moonwalker Kush! A balanced indica-dominant hybrid that is the genetic cross of Triple OG and Tahoe Alien. Strong and pungent, its earthy tones and spicy whiffs offers maximum chill power that won’t zone you out. Its trichomes and brown pistils make it the perfect nighttime strain. When the moon’s out, pull out the Moonwalker Kush.
The Moonwalker strain of cannabis is easily recognizable because it produces nuggets that are medium-sized. You’ll notice that the leaves are very dense and packed together with a lot of trichomes covering them. The leaves are an olive green colour and they have patches of little pistils covering them that is a rusty colour. The function of these pistils is to latch onto pollen from male plants. Moonwalker Kush is very sticky to touch, and that makes it a tricky task to bust up if you don’t have a grinder handy. The fragrance that this strain emits is of damp earth and leaves, much like what you might smell if you took a whiff of the earth after a rainfall. You might also smell a little bit of black pepper in it. When you bust up Moonwalker OG, it might smell like kind of a foul musky odour. When you light it up, it produces a harsh smoke that might cause some irritation in the lungs and make you cough. You’ll usually taste some spicy notes when you exhale.
The Moonwalker OG strain is one that will creep up slowly on you after you smoke it. It starts by creating a tiny little tingle in the head that will then begin to move itself to the rest of the body. Users might feel a little disoriented at first, but after that wears off, the bodily senses will feel in peak condition and you might notice things that you wouldn’t normally notice. Soon after these initial feelings, people will start to feel a sense of relaxation and cerebral activity that will cause creativity and the urge to socialize. If you smoke a lot of Moonwalker weed, you’ll feel it affect your body to a higher degree. Users will generally feel a heaviness in their limbs that will inevitably lead to a state of couchlock.

Medicinal Uses Of Moonwalker

Moonwalker cannabis is known to be useful in people that have bodily pain. Such conditions can be relieved from consuming it are general muscle pain, migraines, headaches, spasms, and pain in the nerves. Because of the uplifting mood that it induces, depression can disappear and help users feel more in tune with the environment. Stress and anxiety are can also be remedied by Moonwalker. If there are users dealing with attention deficit disorders, Moonwalker can help them focus and concentrate. Even though Moonwalker has cerebral effects, it doesn’t typically lead to paranoia because of the overall sedation throughout the body that it also causes.

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