Moose and Lobsta

Moose and Lobsta is as funky as it sounds and rare to boot. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a powerful strain, full of mystery. Its origins are unknown, but this hasn’t affected its sought-after status. So, if you’re lucky enough to come across Moose and Lobsta at your local dispensary, be sure to pick it up and add this rare gem to your collection!

This hybrid’s power does not come from its potency. On average, the strain has THC levels of about 15%, making it a mid-range option in terms of potency. Moose and Lobsta’s funkiness is apparent in its nugs. You’ll be delighted by the neon-colours in this strain. Bright green buds are decorated with vivid orange pistils, creating a truly tropical look. This bud will definitely liven up your collection if you happen to find it!

Moose and Lobsta Strain has a powerful smell and is not for the faint of heart. This sativa-dominant strain is pungent but has some sweet tropical notes sure to brighten your day. It has a strong yet redeeming collection of flavours to match. Expect to taste skunk, fuel, and some tropical fruity goodness. Even if you’re not crazy about these classic cannabis flavours, you’ll be able to enjoy its hints of sweetness.

After consuming this cannabis strain, you’ll quickly understand why we’ve described it as funky. It’s sativa roots are responsible for most of its coveted properties. If you’re looking for a quick-fix, this strain is a good bet. Embrace the immediate wave of energy as Moose and Lobsta quickly take over your mind. First, you’ll feel a cerebral buzz and notice this strain’s euphoric effects, in true sativa fashion. This blissful state is ideal for tackling any tasks you’ve been neglecting – especially creative ones. Your newfound energy will practically beg you to get up and move. For these reasons, Moose and Lobsta is a great strain if a morning buzz is what you’re after.

This bud’s benefits don’t stop with its energy-boosting effects. Moose and Lobsta is also an excellent natural healer. Because of its uplifting properties, this strain is a great solution for stressed-out consumers. If you ever feel the need to decompress, take a few tokes of Moose and Lobsta and let your worries melt away. The medical benefits don’t stop there either. Those looking to soothe physical pain and inflammation will be delighted by this hybrid. It’s even strong enough to ease muscle spasms because of the strain’s anti-inflammatory properties. So, if you’re affected by any medical conditions that cause muscle tension, tightness or spasms, give this strain a try. And for those with more general body pains, you can be sure Moose and Lobsta will take care of you too.

This strain is the pick-me-up solution you’ve been searching for. Like we’ve mentioned, it is rare so consider yourself lucky if you find it. But, if you do, we recommend consuming it in the mornings to jump-start your day.

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