Motorbreath Strain

The motorbreath strain, sometimes referred to as motor breath weed, motorbreath 15 weed or motorbreath 15 strain, is great for people who want to party. Not only will it chill you out and excite you at the same time, but it’ll really turn you on. Motorbreath 15 weed is a favorite among couples and partiers alike. What better way to party than to get down and dirty with your fellow partiers? Get ready for some giggles though. A lot of people report they couldn’t stop laughing when high on this stuff. For some that’s great, for others, not so much. At this point, it’s really up to your personal preferences.

When it comes to taste and flavor, they both tend to be very pungent. A lot of people describe the smell as citrus-like, combined with undertones of heavy diesel and dirt. There have been reports that the smoke is a little thicker than one would prefer, but the smell is still pretty good. As for the taste, it’s about the same. Citrus and diesel, yet the Earth and dirt undertones tend to come through a lot more.

Similar to other strains of weed, Motorbreath weed actually does have some pretty good health benefits. Among the mental health, the list is insomnia reduction, anxiety reduction, depression reduction, and more. These benefits are all due to the dopamine and serotonin that’s released into your brain when high on motorbreath weed. As this strain chills you out and calms you, it helps with insomnia as well (as mentioned). What’s interesting is that anxiety actually causes insomnia, and since this strain reduces anxiety, say bye to insomnia!

As for physical health benefits, the strain still does really well. People suffering from headaches have reported great benefits (this includes people with migraines). People suffering from chest pain, stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, and more have all benefited from this strain. Some argue that these benefits of Motorbreath Weed are a result of a decrease in inflammation.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of side effects that should be noted. The first and most major is paranoia. It’s still somewhat rare, but since paranoia can be quite intense, we decided we should add it. If you experience paranoia while high on this strain, we recommend you close your eyes and count to ten. Remember that it’s just the weed influencing your thoughts. The last two side effects are the most common effects across all strains. Dry eyes and dry mouth. Both are usually caused by dehydration and are easily fixable. For dry mouth, all you need to do is drink some water every once in a while. For dry eyes, wash them out with some lukewarm water every now and again.

With all of this in mind, we definitely recommend motorbreath weed.

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