Mountain Thunder

Looking for a strain to help you leave this world? Enter the wardrobe with Narnia, a sativa-dominant strain that crosses Jack Herer x Trainwreck. This strain hits you fast, sparking creativity and imagination akin to its name. Narnia is a long-lasting high great for outdoor or physical activity. The plants smell strong of citrusy spice and the buds have a sweet taste to tickle your palate.

The Mountain Thunder strain is a favorite among people who love the outdoors. If you’ve ever hiked through the woods, you know how beautiful and calming it can be. Mix that experience with Mountain Thunder, and you’ll be taken on a trip you’ll never forget. A lot of users claim that when they spend some time outdoors, regardless of what they were doing, they feel like everything is emphasized. Every piece of beauty that would normally pop out and catch your eye seems a lot more amazing. Going beyond the outdoors, a lot of users claim their libido increases exponentially. Also, a lot of people find that they’re more focused. Whether they’re focused on nature, or on television, the intense concentration that many find is crazy.

The Mountain Thunder weed strain definitely has some significant medical benefits. First of all, this particular strain is great for reducing inflammation. With a reduction inflammation, you’ll see a reduction in pain, and an increase in mobility. Perhaps this is why people love to smoke it in the outdoors. Another medical benefit is stress reduction (according to various mountain thunder strain reviews). Our world can be crazy, but this particular weed strain slows everything down. We live in an age where everything is always in your face, and everything seems so fast. Slowing all this down will calm you significantly. This strain is also pretty significant for those suffering from depression. Weed strains tend to release a lot of serotonin and dopamine into the brain, and this strain does this very well. A lot of users have noticed their mood is elevated, their depressive episodes lessen in severity, and they generally just feel happier. 

The Mountain Thunder weed strain smells a lot like your typical weed. A lot of skunks, earth, and wood (according to various mountain thunder strain reviews). Some even say that they smell pepper, which is interesting because the smell alone is enough to make a lot of people sneeze. As for the taste, a lot of people find the presence of pepper to be a lot more prominent. Alongside the pepper tends to be wood, pine, and dirt. 

Do keep in mind that there are some negative side effects. A lot of people tend to experience dry mouths, although this particular side effect is common for most weed strains. Other possible side effects are dry eyes, mild dizziness, and more (according to various mountain thunder strain reviews). In order to avoid these side effects make sure you dose yourself appropriately and drink plenty of fluids. If you ever experience any of these side effects for longer than a short while, make sure you visit a medical professional.

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