Neville’s Haze

Nevil Schoemaker founded the seed bank of Holland and is rightly honoured with a strain named after him: Neville’s Haze. This tall native has almost pure haze lineage with a hint of indica genetics added by Green House Seeds. A winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998, Neville’s haze smells of pine cones and flowers while delivering a potent head high.

Neville’s Haze Strain is a respected member of the Haze cannabis family. It has a rich heritage in being part of a long line of strong sativa plants. Neville’s Haze is a proud creation of Spice Brothers. It was created by combining Haze, a sativa strain, with Northern Lights, an indica strain. The result was a beautiful strain with only 25 percent indica. The high from this bud is characteristic of many other sativas, it takes your mind straight to the clouds. On a Neville’s Haze high you will experience euphoria often coupled with fits of hysterical giggles.

The effects of this weed strain are undoubtedly very powerful but the good news is that the high will not leave you incapacitated and unable to complete tasks. On this smoke, you are most likely to feel a significant increase in creative juices flowing through your mind. If you take Neville’s Haze at a low dose you will actually feel more productive than usual and will be able to get a lot of work done. While this strain comes highly recommended for both veteran smokers and newbies, the side effects are worth noting.

Many occasional users say this marijuana can give you dry eyes and mouth. It has also been known to induce moderate spells of dizziness and mild headaches. Smoking Neville’s Haze is not advisable for people who are prone to anxiety and panic as it may trigger significant paranoia. Neville’s Haze is well known for its potency, with a THC concentration level that averages about 21%.

Medical marijuana users appreciate this strain for its ability to provide much-needed relief and healing for a wide range of maladies. Neville’s Haze’s euphoria-inducing properties and its ability to uplift your mood make it a great option for easing the symptoms of chronic depression, stress, anxiety as well as several mood disorders. It also lends itself as being a useful medication for managing chronic pain and muscle spasms. Have a Neville’s Haze smoke the next time you feel a heavy headache coming on. Some patients find that this weed strain helps them get better sleep and relief from insomnia. People suffering through nausea and upset stomachs say this strain provides temporary relief. It has also been found to tackle the effects of glaucoma.

A Neville’s Haze can be quite a challenge pain to grow. It is best grown by experienced marijuana home growers. This plant grows best when it is cultivated indoors in decent hydroponics grow set up. The strain is very particular about the optimal pH levels that it needs to thrive. It has an especially long flowering time of about 14 weeks, almost double the amount of time it takes for most weed strains to flower. The Neville’s Haze yield is not much to write home about, it is usually closer to 250 grams per meter squared. With lots of tender love and care, you might be able to get a yield of up to 500 grams.

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