Nightmare Cookies

The name of this strain sounds like something you don’t want to consume, but don’t worry; this stream is anything but a nightmare. This strain has a nice orange and purple appearance. As for its smell, it is earthy, sweet, and sappy.
People that see the buds on Nightmare Cookies cannabis might be scared off after their first glance. But, after they give it a try, they realize that it is actually a very pleasant evening strain to consume. It contains a very delightful taste and has effects that will feel pretty strong. The Nightmare Cookies strain hovers at around 24% in THC content. The nugs are very tight and densely packed together. They are mostly a deep shade of green, and you will see that there will be tiny trichomes that coat the surface of the bud. It isn’t an overly sweet flavor, but users will sense the cookies in this strain. Users might also notice hints of herbs, nuts, and a tiny bit of pine as they smoke Nightmare Cookies weed.
Nightmare Cookies seeds are known to be reasonably easy to cultivate. If you want to grow a strain that won’t bail out on you halfway through the harvest, this is one to try. You can grow the strain indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses. In around seven to nine weeks, you’ll have quite a decent yield.

Medicinal Effects Of Nightmare Cookies

Nightmare Cookies grow is a strain that you’ll want to consume after a stressful day at work. It helps you completely escape from any negative feelings, and will launch you into a cerebral high that will feel like you are in outer space. Euphoria will overtake you, and you won’t have a worry in the world. Some users even get a little more focused after they consume Nightmare Cookies Weed. After the initial feelings, users will start to feel more relaxed and have tingles flowing throughout their bodies. Couch lock creeps up pretty quickly once these initial feelings of body relaxation begin to take place. Many users find that they can drift right off to sleep at this point.
Nightmare Cookies is a strain that is widely used by medicinal patients because of the vast range of ailments that it can successfully treat. It can relieve depression and stress very easily. For those that deal with anxiety problems, it’s recommended that they stay away from this strain. Sometimes it can cause feelings of paranoia in people that have anxiety and that are prone to it. Nightmare Cookies weed can also help people that deal with physical symptoms such as inflammation, cramps, or headaches. It can also help those that struggle with appetite issues. Consuming Nightmare Cookies will create a surge of the munchies in no time at all. Even though there are a lot of strains out there that can help relieve depression and anxiety, not many do it as good as Nightmare Cookies can.

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