Nina Limone

Nina Limone sounds more like a mixed cocktail than a cannabis strain. However, this strain created by Colorado Seed Inc crosses Super Lemon Haze x Rebel God Smoke to simulate the fresh and fast flavor of a cocktail. Nina Limone is a vibrant strain, that leaves you bright and bubbly with loads of energy for the day. It tastes of sweet lemony pine and gives off an aroma of earth and wood. Nina Limone produces hard, dense, resinous flowers with a fairly small yield.
This strain is named after the legendary singer, and the Nina Limone strain is equally unforgettable. The Super Lemon Haze strain that makes up one half of its lineage won the High Times Cannabis Cup first prize for two consecutive years. It also won the IC420 Growers Cup; it is clear that Nina Limone comes from epic roots. The strain is a Sativa leaning cannabis hybrid that has strong citrus flavors. When it is set alight or converted into an edible state, the Nina Limone strain has flavors that can best be described as lemon-lime. The Nina Limone plant produces gorgeous prosperous buds with hard flowers full of resins. The plant itself produces a small yield, it is great for adding to your personal stash, but it will not do much for you if you are looking to mass-produce the strain. If you manage to successfully grow some, it will definitely impress your friends.

Nina Limone weed strain review

Let’s get right into the Nina Limone weed strain review. The Nina Limone strain combines sweet tones with tart notes to create a gorgeous bud that offers a super mellow high. The high has a cerebral onset; that is, it begins in your mind. Just taking two or three puffs will send it quickly to your mind. Nina Limone has a THC level of about 20%; it is best used by experienced smokers. If you are a new weed smoker or if you know that you do not have a high THC tolerance, you will need to take a small dosage and pace yourself as you smoke. People who have existing paranoia and panic disorders should also take a small dosage as it can aggravate panic. The Nina Limone strain makes you feel more energetic all around if there is something you have been lazy to do- like your laundry- you should try smoking this bud and power through your mundane task. This weed strain is also great for social settings.
Medical cannabis patients can benefit from the healing properties of the strain. Nina Limone strain reviews say that this weed is a great daytime smoke. It is good for helping you get over fatigue, clinical exhaustion, and burn out. People who have chronic stress and depression may be in a more pleasant and uplifted mood after a Nina Limone dosage. It is also helpful to people who have attention deficit disorders such as ADD and ADHD might be able to focus more on one task at a time. Nina Limone cannabis is good as a form of relief from minor headaches, migraines, and pains caused by inflammation.
The plant demands a lot of tender love and care. It takes about 56 to 65 days for the plant to fully mature. When Nina Limone is grown inside, it thrives to the point of producing 600 grams per square meter at harvest time. When it is grown outdoors, it can yield as much as 800 grams per plant.

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