Northern Berry

Northern Berry strain is a very strong strain and can lead to some crazy cerebral experiences if you smoke too much of it. Some people who’ve had large amounts of Northern Berry in edible form have reported that the experience was almost too intense. This is the perfect strain to try if you want to have colors speaking to you. Perhaps you want to see animals talk, or whales fly. This is the type of strain that messes with your mind like that. You’ll feel like you’re straight out of a Seth Rogen movie. That’s how trippy this strain can be.

When smoking this cannabis strain, you’re going to feel like you’re straight out of a forest. The strain smells intensely of trees and dirt and is likely to make you feel you’re camping. You’ll also notice the subtle undertones of pepper and smoke. As for the taste, many users report tasting wood and dirt, along with a few other skunky flavors. Some people love this type of thing whereas others hate it (most strain reviews differ throughout). It’s really up to you! Give it a try, you might find the taste addicting.

Northern Berry Cannabis strain has been known to benefit people who suffer from anxiety and stress, but if you overdo it, those ailments may only be enhanced. Depression and OCD have also been known to fade away into the background when high on Northern Berry. Similarly to anxiety and stress, the ailments will get worse if you go too hard. A major pro of this particular strain is that it’s great for those suffering from insomnia. The vast majority of insomniacs that have tried this strain actually slept really well according to their reviews.

As for physical ailment relief, many reviews have reported that chronic pain fades away when high on Northern Berry Cannabis. This includes headaches, toothaches, stomach aches, and more. Some users have even reported that this particular strain calmed down their muscle spasms, and increased the mobility of their limbs after injuries according to their reviews.

Do keep in mind that this strain does have side effects. This shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider just how strong this strain is. The more you smoke or eat, the stronger these side effects will get. These effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiety, stress, and more. If you experience any of these side effects, stop smoking. Don’t consume anymore. If you try it again in the future, try a smaller amount. Take fewer puffs, or eat smaller portions of your edibles!

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