OG Lime Killer

Limes beware. From Ethos Genetics, OG Lime Killer combines Lemon OG Haze and Starkiller OG. It’s a lemon-limey strain that has fuel, pine, and flowery undertone to it.

Unlike other similar cannabis strains, OG LimeKiller will not couch lock you. Rather, it will provide a subtle body high, alongside a feeling of genuine euphoria. For those looking to boost their concentration and focus levels, OG Lime Killer may be right for you. Accomplish your goals with ease. Tackle difficult tasks with an efficiency you didn’t think was possible.OG Lime Killer is not just going to energize you, but boost your cognitive behaviour and creative skills to the point where you’ll observe daily life under a lens previously inaccessible.

OG Lime Killer is the perfect strain for people suffering from depression and fatigue, for the euphoric feelings you will encounter are the perfect combatant to fight off unruly mental hardships. Many artists and writers typically flock to OG Lime Killer when experiencing writer’s block, and report incredible success. Due to the creativity spike that is to be expected when consuming this high-quality cannabis strain, your goals will not just be accomplished but accomplished spectacularly.

OG Lime Killer is as flavourful as it is awesome. Expect to taste the subtle yet intense citrus flavour, with ever so present undertones of pine and fuel. Veteran cannabis users will be pleased upon use for OG Lime Killer mixes modern citrus flavours, with old school classic Kush. As for aromas, expect to be pleasantly surprised, many report a fresh flowery aroma that lasts the entire length of consumption. It is important to note that this strain may not be as powerful as others similar to it, but the potency of said strain will last throughout the entire experience.

Although this strain is spectacular in its benefits, it does not come without drawbacks. Similar to most other cannabis strains, dry eyes and dry mouth are common side effects. These side effects are usually due to dehydration due to smoke inhalation and are easily countered by drinking plenty of fluids. Another possible but less common side effect is mild anxiety. This particular side effect is usually only relevant towards beginners, as people with little to no experience using cannabis may not know what to expect or how to ride the wave. For beginners, it is recommended to take small doses in order to dull any possible anxiety that may be caused when using OG Lime Killer.

OG Lime Killer has a low THC content of approximately 8 percent and a fairly high CBD level of 13 percent. As previously mentioned, OG Lime Killer is excellent at fighting off mental hardships, but it’s even better at fighting off physical hardships. Hence the previously mentioned THC and CBD levels. People who suffer from toothaches, headaches, backaches, cramps, and other pains all have benefitted from the casual use of OG Lime Killer. Besides pain, this specific strain has been known to lessen the discomfort provided by seizures and muscle spasms and has even been known to eliminate them completely.

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