OG Ringo

Put a Ringo on it. This strain gets its name from Lawrence Ringo, a CBD and cannabis activist. It’s an indica-leading OG Kush variety that is high in THC. It’s an earthy, floral smelling strain that is piney too. Also, a lemony aftertaste. Great for pain and stress.

OG Ringo is a strain of cannabis that has 70% indica and 30% sativa. It contains a high level of THC content that reaches up to 28%, with a CBD level of just over 1%. OG Ringo’s flavour has a sweet and fragrant scent of lemon pine with a taste of smooth lemon pine that contains hints of woodier pine on the exhale. The high that OG Ringo produces is known to be very long-lasting that will drain any pain away from your mind and body. The high begins with an uplifting brain buzz that leaves you feeling inspired and stimulated with a strong sense of purpose, focus, and concentration. A calming bodily sensation accompanies this, leaving you in a sedated and comfortable state. By nature, the comedown is very mellow.

It doesn’t hit too hard and it leaves you feeling at peace. OG Ringo has buds that are fairly big and seem to resemble popcorn. They are a lighter green with orange hairs that are very thick. On the surface, there is a layer of white crystal trichomes. OG Ringo Strain will typically take around 8 weeks to fully flower before being able to reap the benefits. Outdoor flowering time will usually occur between late September to early October. Indoor yields will produce an average of 17 ounces per square meter while outdoor yields will produce 16 ounces or more per plant. It has been said that it took nine whole years before SoHum Seeds, which was founded by Lawrence Ringo, was satisfied with the outcome of this strain. Lawrence Ringo was known to be a pioneer in the field of breeding and altering CBD genetics in cannabis. Many cannabis consumers today consider OG Ringo to be somewhat of a breakthrough in the industry.

This strain is known to be very useful for treating chronic pain conditions as well as depression, inflammation, and stress. A user has reported that this strain is good for relieving their pain associated with a spinal fusion they had done. Another user stated that OG Ringo is a must-have strain for anyone dealing with chronic pain issues. While the potency of this strain is off the charts, you can still remain functional after consuming it. Beginners should still exercise caution when using consuming OG Ringo because they might not know what to expect, especially since the high produced from this strain can last up to three hours in duration. If you keep in mind what your tolerance level is, you should be able to consume this strain safely without experiencing paranoia or anxiety that some of the strains that are higher in THC can sometimes do. OG Ringo has received a 10 out of 10 ratings for providing feelings of happiness and relaxation. For medical uses, it has received a 10 out of 10 ratings for relieving stress and pain.

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