OG’s Pearl

Feel yourself drifting down a lazy river with this potent 80% indica strain. OG’s Pearl is the perfect strain for fast-acting stress relief that’s perfect for a quiet night in. The bud, grown by Nine Point growth, is a cross between Frankenstein and Lemon OG Kush and delivers a body-focused and sedative high.

If you’ve smoked the OG’s Pearl cannabis strain before, you know that it tastes like a classic weed with a sweet twist. Some claim that it actually tastes like Earth and dirt mixed with candy apples. When it comes to the smell of the strain, most would agree that it’s like walking through a forest after a strong rain, all the while sucking on a sweet lollipop. It may not be the most impressive or popular smelling and tasting strain, but OG’s Pearl is loved by hundreds of thousands of people across North America.

If you’re suffering from insomnia, you definitely need to consume this cannabis strain. OG’s Pearl will put you to sleep so well you’ll be dreaming about blue butterflies and clouds made of cotton candy. Seriously, most people who smoke this strain before bed say they sleep better than they ever have. Not to mention your insomnia may actually fade over time. Insomnia’s generally due to stressors, but over time the weed will help you clear your mind and rationalize the stress. Without stress your insomnia will depart, meaning it may actually be a long term solution.

If you’re a super creative person, you may want to try the OG’s Pearl strain. You may think that your image won’t get any better on weed, but the interesting thing is, your brain limits your imagination. Right now you have a set limit, but when you’re smoking weed, that limit is pushed very far back. You’ll be thinking of ideas and arguments that you never would have sober. A lot of authors and painters love this stuff because their art becomes elegant and incredibly unique.

Are you suffering from anxiety? Is depression getting you down? Perhaps your OCD is getting out of control. OG’s Pearl is the solution to all of these problems. Anxiety tends to happen when you get all worked up over some sort of issue, but OG’s Pearl is going to soothe your soul. Those stressors will disappear. Depression on the other hand tends to be at fault of serotonin and dopamine imbalances, and OG’s Pearl (and other weed strains) will secure those balances. Same works for OCD. Not to mention the triggers that most OCD victims suffer from will fade.

Do keep in mind that this strain is known for causing paranoia in beginner users. Fortunately, this is avoidable, for if you’re with friends, they’ll be able to calm you down. We recommend being super careful with your dosers if you’re not experienced, and always smoke with someone if you don’t know what you’re doing!

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