Ol’ Betsy

This strain feels like a punch in the face from Helga Pataki. From Liontree Farms, it’s a hybrid strain that has a sweet, skunky flavour. It’s good for any time of the day and is good for stress and appetite loss.

O’l Betsy is also known simply as Betsy or Betsie. This cannabis strain is known in the cannabis community as being a classic old school San Diego sativa dominant hybrid strain. Many people are unsure of its exact heritage and genetics but it is widely thought to be a descendant of the Hog’s Breath strain. The mystery around what strains the hybrid is mixed with adds to the fascination that people have with this legendary strain. In the early 2000s Ol’ Betsy was brought to Humboldt County by Budular, an OG Overgrow member.

Part of the reason why Old Betsy Strain is believed to be a descendant of Like Hog’s Breath is that much like Hog’s Breath, this strain is infamous for having an insanely pungent and potent aroma that is sure to infiltrate any room it is put in. This bud has a skunky aroma that is also sweet. On the nose, you will pick up dank tropical fruits that actually smell like they are about to rot. Thankfully Ol’ Betsy does not taste as bad as it smells. The flavour will remind you of sweet ripe mangoes with subtle hints of earthy pungency. On the exhale you will taste an unexpected spicy kick, some people find this spicy kick to be quite overwhelming.

Ol’ Betsy has nugs that are super sticky. They are shaped like a cone, with a brownish-green colour that is complemented by dark orange hairs. To finish off its beautiful appearance, Ol’ Betsy is coated in frosty and cloudy white trichomes. Ol’ Betsy gives a high is characteristic of most sativa plants.

If you are a faithful, old school sativa user, Ol’ Betsy is the weed strain for you. The high will begin with a strong powerful hit to your head. It will launch you into a happy relaxed state. This stage of the high is also accompanied by a spacey and hazy sensation. As the high progresses you will experience a body buzz that gradually soars and soars even higher. At this point, you will be completely stoned. You may experience couch-lock in this state, for this reason, it is not advisable to smoke this strain when you have important tasks to complete. You may want to prepare for ta Ol’ Betsy smoke by having your favourite snacks handy as it is known to bring on a serious case of the munchies. Ol’ Betsy has an average of between 17 to 21% THC concentration. This THC level makes it a good option for medical marijuana consumers. Ol’ Betsy weed is useful in treating pain chronic pain conditions as well as severe headaches and migraines. It has also been found to help ease the symptoms of chronic anxiety and stress. Its appetite-stimulating properties make it a good choice for patients suffering from appetite loss. Ol’ Betsy is quite popular among people who grow marijuana at home. It is especially popular with outdoor weed growers because it is very frosty and produces large yields. Most growers cultivate it from an original clone and eventually replant it in seed form. Ol’ Betsy can also be grown indoors and thrive. If you do choose to grow this strain indoors, you will need a carbon filter because of the intense, pungent aromas.

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