Old Mother Sativa

Mother always knows best and Old Mother Sativa knows many ways to heal you. This enormous plant originating from Southeast Asia gained popularity in Australia during the 1960s. Old Mother Sativa is both happy and uplifting with energizing effects that remove stress and pain. It smells like a freshly wet forest with earthy and piney elements that tickle your nose. Old Mother Sativa can reach upwards of 15 feet tall and can grow in a variety of climates.

Are you ready to experience the wonders of the Old Mother Sativa cannabis strain? Expect to feel euphoric and relaxed, yet energized beyond belief. See the world in a new light. A light that highlights the beauty and art within an incredibly flawed and complex world. Get ready to see the best of everything. The best in other people, the best in your struggles, and the best of what your life could really be. Expect a high that increases your libido, and helps you party like you never have before. It is perfect for reducing pain and discomfort, and increasing happiness, motivation, and confidence! Be ready for a high so great you’ll miss it the moment it’s gone! Feel great again and use it today!

The strain tastes great. Imagine pine needles interwoven with pineapples and mangos, with a few acorns and crab apples are thrown into the mix. With a taste of the tropics mixed with a North American forest, many feel as though they’re on vacation somewhere far south of the border, yet also visiting the cold northern regions. Experience the high through a taste so good you’ll think it was too good to be true. As for the aroma, expect to be blown away. Imagine walking through a pine forest after a strong rainstorm. Imagine that while you’re walking through that forest you’re holding fresh tropical fruit, begging to be eaten. That aroma you smell is the smell of awesome. The smell of what’s to come. You won’t just feel this high. You’ll smell it, taste it, and live it. Prepare yourself for the time of your life.

It is excellent at reducing and removing pain. Do you suffer from headaches, toothaches, stomach aches, or headaches? What about other miscellaneous aches and pains? Well, not to worry! Old Mother Sativa provides a subtle yet effective body high that’ll warm your extremities and relieve your entire body of those pesky and unfortunate pains. But what if you struggle from mental hardships you may ask? Well, it is good for that too. Depression, stress, and anxiety are no match for the Euphoria and positive vibes that the strain is known so well for. Fatigue bothering you? Well, it won’t be for long! Old Mother Sativa has got it covered!

Unfortunately, this particular strain is not without side effects! Thankfully, these side effects are not all that common and aren’t nearly all that severe. Number one is dry mouth, the most common side effect of all weed strain out there. If this happens to you, don’t worry one bit, like a glass of water every now and then is all you need to get rid of dry mouth. Secondly, it is dry eyes. Dry eyes are often a product of dehydration, so drinking plenty of water should help. If this doesn’t help try washing your eyes out with clean cold water.

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