Old Toby

This strain gets its namesake from the pipe-weed smoked by Gandalf in The Hobbit. And if Gandalf likes it, you know it’s good. Old Toby is from Matthew Gordon, and it’s the result of a decade’s worth of breeding. Thus, it’s hard to trace its genetics. It’s said this strain is good for short-term memory loss and inflammation.

The Old Toby strain is definitely one of the most flavourful strains out there. Most people who smoke it claim it’s a nice combination of lemon, pine, and chile peppers. So flavourful in fact that many clouds of smoke it for the taste alone! Rather than tasting of skunk and Earth, this is something that tastes perfect alongside a bloody caesar or a spicy tomato soup. The various aromas that come off of this strain are very similar to that of the taste, which makes for a thrilling and overwhelmingly enjoyable experience. It’s been mentioned time and time again that people who just happen to smell the weed when someone else smokes it is enough to draw them in. Some even prefer to stay sober and just smell it when someone else is the one getting high!

Smoking the Old Toby strain won’t get you ridiculously high, but the effects you will feel are still very enjoyable. You’re definitely going to notice an incredible calm come over you, but not one that makes you fall asleep. Instead, it’ll relax you and relieve you of your stress. At the same time, you’re going to be energized. Because this strain mixes the calming sensations with an energy boost, you’ll feel caffeinated without any of the side effects! No jitters, no anxiety, no upset stomach, nothing! Another effect you’re definitely going to experience is intense creativity! Weed tends to expand the limits of your imagination, but this strain pushes those limits as far as they can be pushed. Your thoughts are going to go crazy, and that fact is enough to draw in a lot of artists and writers. This strain is great for getting rid of writer’s block.

One super interesting thing to note about this strain is that it’s actually great for alleviating period cramps. A lot of women who suffer from painful and intense periods use this strain because it not only takes away a lot of the pain but helps relieve them of any stress and anxiety they may experience throughout the entire ordeal. The old toby strain is also great for reducing stress and anxiety! Everyone has hard days at work. Maybe your coworkers were mean, or your boss was just out to get you that day. Regardless, what better way is there to chill out than to smoke a bunch of weed? Not to mention a weed strain like Old Toby that’s actually going to do a great job at calming you down.

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