Pineapple Diesel

Power up yourself with this Pineapple Diesel. This is a sativa-dominant strain that combines Sour Diesel and Pineapple. It smells like citrus with a hint of fuel, hence the name.

Thanks to Dynasty Seeds breeders, we have this delicious weed that can accurately be described as the fever dream of a sativa aficionado.
Pineapple Diesel is a social strain with a psychoactive blast that gives consumers a cerebral thrill and leaves worries in the mud. This hybrid strain sports respectable levels of THC at around 18% on the upper end and CBN reaches only 2% on average. Because of this variation, consumers should expect a full, heady high centering around the mind. This strain’s aromas are pungent diesel with soft lemon undertones and tastes ranging from sweet strawberry to acidic pineapple to gasoline. People that love the Diesel family of cannabis will love the Pineapple Diesel strain.

Review of the Effects and Therapeutic Benefits

In this strain, the THC works hard, putting in motion the psychoactive
ahead rush that occurs after the very first time that you take. The more you consume, the more powerful the feelings are, often characterized as a kaleidoscopic amalgamation of sensations. As the mind whirls with light, the high causes problems to melt away completely. Users will enjoy the tingles that flow through their limbs and stream through their brains, making them feeling more talkative and leaving a smile on their faces. Smoking this strain will leave your body in total relaxation after the initial blast of euphoria, and while you will still feel very sociable, your muscles will let go of stress, and finding a nice chair to relax in will become the most appealing thing on your mind.

When medicinal users consume this strain, they typically want to find relief from certain mood disorders. Because of the mood stimulation that occurs after consuming Pineapple Diesel weed, both depression and fatigue can be eliminated fairly quickly. Mild cases of muscle spasms and general pain can be eliminated. Because Pineapple Diesel is an energetic strain, it is recommended to be consumed during the day. First-time users might want to stay away from this strain until they are a little more experienced because sometimes smoking can lead to feelings of anxiety or paranoia.

Growing Pineapple Diesel

It might be tricky growing Pineapple Diesel inside because of the strong diesel odor it can emit. Those that are sensitive might develop headaches because of the fragrance. An average yield can be expected after around 7 to 9 weeks. For those that don’t mind the strong smells, it can be grown indoors just as good as outdoors.

Pineapple Diesel lives up to the Diesel cannabis family, and in many ways, stands out among many of the strains out there. Grab some Pineapple Diesel vape, smoke it up, and enjoy the ride.

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