Pineapple OG

Both famed and potent, Pineapple OG lives up to its legend. Pineapple OG is a smart cross between Pineapple Express x OG Kush. Depending on the phenotype, these plants could be sativa or indica dominant both being a relatively rare find. Pineapple OG is a potent strain with a high that hits you in the head and body. It tastes of sweet, skunks pineapple and releases on the door of lemon fuel and pine. If you are on the West Coast, Pineapple OG is certainly worth the search.
The Pineapple OG strain of cannabis has a varying THC level, usually averaging between 17% and 26%. If you find some of this weed that is on the higher end of the THC spectrum, then you should exercise caution if you aren’t an experienced user. The flowers on Pineapple OG are pretty big and the leaves are tiny, but they kind of shape inward to the main stems of the plant. You’ll typically see green and yellow leaves that contain neon-looking orange pistils on them. Many people that see this strain will give it a second glance because of its appeal. The trichomes coating the buds on the plant are very sticky to the touch.
OG Pineapple will hit you rapidly after your initial tokes. Users will typically experience a quick head rush that will feature a few unusual sensations in the cheeks. The high moves up to the mind pretty fast and users will notice that their thoughts are intense. Doing activities or jobs that require an analytical mind or high degree of problem-solving will be perfect after smoking some Pineapple OG. If you’re bored around the house and need some added excitement, this is also a good strain to make things a little more interesting. Sometimes users will experience slight changes in their visual and auditory perceptions, which makes watching movies or listening to some music an ideal activity shortly after consumption. Pineapple OG exhibits some physical symptoms around an hour after consumption. Users will start to feel tingles running down their neck and throughout the limbs.

Medicinal Uses For Pineapple OG

Medicinal marijuana users will find that Pineapple OG is useful for a number of different issues. Because the strain causes a relaxing body high after consumption, users will find relief from muscle tension in their body. Pain and other achy feelings can be temporarily eliminated from smoking this weed. For those that deal with attention deficit disorders, Pineapple OG can lend a hand in helping them concentrate on tasks more efficiently, thanks to its cerebral effects. If you deal with any type of nausea or cramping issues, the anti-inflammatory properties from smoking this will lend a helping hand. One thing to note with this strain is that people who are prone to anxiety or paranoia should probably stay away from this one, as it can tend to sway the thinking into sometimes the wrong direction if you aren’t in the right atmosphere or mindset.

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