Pineapple Purps

Sometimes referred to as “Purple Pineapple,” Pineapple Purps is a super rare strain with a potent THC: THCV ratio of 3:1. Pineapple Purps crosses Pineapple Express x Purps allowing the THCV to shine through and still pack a THC potent of up to 17%. THCV is known to help relieve panic attacks, tremors and suppress appetite, which is why Pineapple Purps is used in a wide variety of medical applications. The buds hit you with a psychoactive and energetic high that can overwhelm some at the time and smell of tropical fruit.

Pineapple Purps is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is unique in character, many weed connoisseurs claim that it contains Cheese or Pineapple Express genes, but nothing has yet been proven. Pineapple Purps is one of the most potent sativa-leaning strains. Veteran cannabis users who review this strain give it high ratings and recommend that newbies or weed users with low tolerance take a low dosage. The THCV cannabinoid contained in Purple Purps adds to its uniqueness. This cannabinoid is usually only found in small amounts in most cannabis strains but this strain produces high amounts of the compound, with ratios as high as 3:1.

Pineapple Purps products are potent and known for having deep green flowers with hints of vibrant violet to complement the insides and the outside of the bud. This is unlike many other sativa-dominant weed plants. It has musty, sweet earth with tropical undertones. In terms of flavor, occasional users say it tastes like a combination of earthy pineapple and berry-based wine. It also has intense psychoactive effects.

If you are a marijuana user who does not like sativas, or if you don’t prefer a heady high, then you need to take a low dosage, it can definitely become overwhelming.

When it comes to alleviating medical ailments, stress relief really takes the cake. Doesn’t matter what you’re stressed about, because when you start smoking this it’s not going to matter any longer. Seriously, this is some really strong, but also really soothing stuff. Some people also use Purple Pineapple to alleviate depressive episodes, and even OCD triggers (although it hasn’t been proven that this actually works). Typically people with OCD suffer from various triggers, but Purple Pineapple really helps make those triggers obsolete.

One super strong effect of Purple Pineapple is the crazy focus and concentration. If you’re working from home and are struggling to stay focused on a work task, try Purple Pineapple. Being high on this is like snorting a bunch of cocaine. You’re going to be so focused nothing will distract you. A plane would crash outside your house and you probably wouldn’t notice. That’s how focused you’ll become. Trust us, when it comes to focusing and being super productive, nothing else comes close to the quality of Purple Pineapple.

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