Pink Starburst

Named after the best Starburst flavor, Pink Starburst smells just like one. It’s from Manali West and combines Headband and DJ Short’s Blueberry. Then, an AJ Sour Diesel BX3 is added too. It has a floral taste, sweetness like candy, and provides you with. Plenty of fun.
The Pink Starburst strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by an unknown breeder. These mysterious breeders combined the classic strain, Headband, and DJ Short’s Blueberry. The result of the Headband and DJ Short’s Blueberry cross is then combined with Sour Diesel BX3. That is how the Pink Starburst strain that we get to enjoy is created. Everyone who enjoys weed, whether you are a newbie smoker or a veteran – you should add Pink Starburst weed to your “must try” list. The strain’s flavor profile alone will knock you off your feet, and the effects that follow will have you hooked to this strain for life. The THC concentration levels of this strain vary according to the harvest and cure. In general, the THC levels are between 20-30%. When taken in moderate doses, this strain has great effects that will not overwhelm you. If you are worried about unexpectedly falling asleep after smoking marijuana, you can rest easy knowing that this strain will keep you focused, it is best taken as a wake and bake strain that will keep you going from morning to evening.
When you hear the name Pink Starburst weed, you may expect that it has a soft pink color, just like the candy. Unfortunately, much to our disappointment, the strain is not pink. In actual fact, the plant has vivid neon green buds that are pretty fluffy. Although it is not pink, the Pink Starburst cannabis plant will definitely impress anyone who lays eyes on it. The buds also have a gorgeous purple undertone that can take on a pinkish hue, depending on the lighting. The plant is coated in winding orange pistils and a covering of striking amber-gold trichomes. Any cannabis snob that may be fussy about strain appearances will find this one a pure joy to look at.
Pink Starburst marijuana produces a pretty floral aroma with a sweet and sour berry scent that has some undertones of musty and mellow earth. The strain has a super thick flavor; many veteran Pink Starburst smokers will describe this strain as dripping with pure flavor. With every puff, you can expect flavors such as sweet fruity candy that has a bit of a subtle earthy aftertaste. You can be sure that after one or two hits of this smoke, you will come back for more. Pink Starburst strain seeds are available for purchase from different online sellers.

Pink Starburst Strain review

You will feel the effects of the Pink Starburst strain after just taking one or two puffs. You will find that you have a more intense sense of focus. If you need to get through some boring chores or an exciting special project, the focus and clarity this strain offers will make the time move faster. The strain has the added benefit of an ability to boost your mood. This positive energy spreads from your mind through your whole body. The strain is useful for treating chronic pain caused by inflammation. People with stress and depression can benefit from its mood uplifting properties.

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