Platinum Wreck

This strain may be a wreck, but you won’t be. This sativa-dominant strain combines Trainwreck and Platinum OG to make a strain that can have up to 25 percent THC. It’s notable for its bullet-shaped buds. It smells citrusy and has a bit of honey, too.

If you’re looking for an intensely flavourful strain, Platinum Wreck is for sure the strain to be smoking. It combines all the best aspects of the world of citrus, Earth, and the most beautifully sweet fruits out there. Smoking this will take you back to a world in which you won’t be able to escape. You’ll experience magic and beauty like you never have before. Most of the people that report back to us after smoking Platinum Wreck say that they had a marvelous night. Not only were they calmer than they’d ever been, but they were also turned on beyond belief. Most of them had wonderful nights with their partners, and the majority of those people proclaimed their own bravery during said nights. They were willing to try all sorts of things, simply because they were not afraid. They were not nervous or second-guessing themselves. They knew what they wanted, and what they wanted to try, and they got both.

If you’re looking for a strain that’s not only fun but super medically relevant, you’re in luck! Platinum Wreck is amazing for patients suffering from chronic pain. Not only does this strain help reduce said pain, but it causes inflammation as well. This means you’ll be both pain-free and mobile! For far too long inflammation has made it hard to move around, especially when on painkillers. Now you get all the benefits in one healthy package! If you’ve ever taken painkillers you know how addicting they can be. The majority contain harmful opiates and other addictive chemicals. It can be hard to get off these meds even when the pain disappears. Platinum Wreck may be tasty, and you may get cravings for it, but it’s nowhere near as addictive or harmful as most prescription painkillers. In fact, it’s not harmful at all. The only thing that may be deemed harmful is smoke, and if you’re worried about that try vaping or eating it in edible form.

Platinum Wreck is also great for patients suffering from anxiety and depression. Anxiety is often caused by daily stressors. Worried about finances? Maybe you just had a hard day at work. Regardless, Platinum Wreck may sound violent, but it’s soothing. Every single stressor you experienced beforehand will fade into the background. When it comes to depression, most experts agree that depression is the fault of serotonin and dopamine imbalances in the brain. These chemicals are widely referred to as the feel-good drugs that are naturally produced in your brain. Platinum Wreck will boost the production of these chemicals, and in succession, make you feel a hell of a lot better.

Wondering what Platinum Wreck cannabis strain tastes like? Imagine your peeling an orange in the middle of the woods with a Watermelon flavored candy in both. Mix the scent of the peeled orange with pine needles and sugar. It’s both a smell and flavor that’s drooled over by hundreds of thousands across North America. A lot of people smoke this strain because of the taste alone. Some even vape it because they love the taste and don’t want it to be contaminated by smoke.

Do keep in mind that Platinum Wreck does have a few side effects, however, none of them are all that severe. Typically the only side effects you’ll feel are dry mouth, dry eyes, and mild paranoia. All of which can be avoided if you know what you’re doing. Dry eyes and mouth are typically caused by dehydration so drink up! Paranoia on the other hand can be avoided by knowing how much weed you can handle. It’s also always a good idea to not smoke alone, so in the case that you do get paranoid, someone can talk you down.

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