Popcorn Kush

A great bud for a short and sweet high, Popcorn Kush hits hard and fast but isn’t as long-lasting as a typical indica strain. The short half-life of this bud makes it perfect for those new to cannabis or experienced smokers who want a short high. The indica-dominant strain is relatively unknown and boasts small dense buds that pack a cerebral punch. The shorter high is a great option for daytime or early evening smoking.
The Popcorn Kush strain is a less known pure-Indica weed strain. This strain is also commonly known as Popcorn Afghan Kush and Popcorn Candy Kush. This plant’s roots are still mysterious, no one in the cannabis community can say for sure what its genetic history is. The fact that its roots are still not known probably accounts for why it is not well known. The other possible reason why this strain is not so popular is that the term popcorn in weed circles usually refers to popcorn nugs, these are shake and low-quality buds. Just making the association that this pot could be popcorn nugs, is enough for a lot of smokers to easily give this strain a pass.
Thankfully with the case of Popcorn Kush, that could not be farther from the facts. Popcorn Afghan weed is a great option for smoking in the afternoon or evening. The strain has a moderate THC concentration level that is around 16%, depending on the particular harvest. The plant characteristics of Popcorn Candy Kush are pretty similar to a popped kernel of popcorn. They have a similar shape to a popcorn kernel, and they are covered in fluffy bright green colas and sugary leaves. It also has thick brown pistils coating the outside of the bud and snowy off-white trichomes sprinkled all over the surface of the flower. The flower smells like ripe and juicy berries with some notes of the cheese. The cheesy, and fruity flavor is so unique. You will also smell some buttered popcorn, blueberries, blue cheese, and even grapefruit!

Popcorn Kush marijuana strain effects

A Popcorn Kush high has been described as an intense body high that is not long-lasting. A Popcorn Kush smoking session can not go on for that long, and its effects are pretty quick to kick in but also quick to fade away. If you are new to smoking weed and would like to get more experience, Popcorn Kush is actually a good stepping stone before you head into the world of potent weed strains. If you find that you do not enjoy your experience in this smoke, you don’t have to worry because it will fade away quickly.
You will experience a totally relaxing body-high that will have you trying to locate a comfortable chair to lay down on. This strain will not put you on a real couch lock you because it is only active for less than a few hours. However, the effects are strong enough to make some smokers dizzy while they are standing. Because the strain gives you freedom from your physical woes, it allows your thoughts to expand and give you some freedom to explore your creativity. Popcorn Afghan Kush has also been used to manage symptoms of chronic stress and depression. It can also be used to relieve nausea and a lack of appetite.

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