Purple Animal Cookies

A childhood favorite, all grown up. From CannaVenture Seeds, this strain combines LVPK and Animal Cookies. It has an earthy, sweet smell to it and is indica-dominant. For growers, it takes about 9-10 weeks to cultivate.
Purple Animal Cookies is a strain that is shrouded in some secrets. Even figuring out the exact THC content in this strain has come up with empty answers. A lot of people that have used Purple Animal Cookies have said that it has given them a powerful high, so it can be assumed that THC levels are around 20%. Because of the mystery in the exact potency levels, people should exercise caution with this strain, or else they might go overboard.
A lot of cannabis strains that are dominant in indica are useful in providing users relaxation. The Purple Animal Cookies strain seems to take that up a notch. Shortly after consuming it, you will feel as if all of your muscles become very soft as sedation begins to take hold of your body. Your mood will feel suddenly uplifted, even if you weren’t in such a good mood before consuming it. The happiness will almost feel like it is coursing through your veins. Shortly after the initial surge of happiness, you’ll want to sink right in the couch into a blissful state of euphoria. Feelings of sleep will soon encapture you, and you will doze off into a relaxing slumber.

Growing Purple Animal Cookies

Growing Purple Animal Cookies is an easy strain to cultivate. Ensure to pay close attention to it at every stage of the growing process, and you should do just fine. The plants will reach maturity in around 9 or 10 weeks, and you will reap an adequate yield. The only downside is that finding seeds can be a tricky process. A lot of breeders don’t market or advertise this strain, and this causes the majority of people to even wonder if it exists. If you turn out to be one of the lucky ones that are able to find this strain at the dispensary, then you should be walking out with a smile on your face. Before giving Purple Animal Cookies a try, make sure to scratch off any activities that you might have going on for the remainder of the day because this one will get you nice and sedated.

Medicinal Uses Of Purple Animal Cookies

Purple Animal Cookies is a great strain to use if you struggle with depression or even just a lower baseline mood throughout the day. As discussed above, the uplifted mood and happiness that this strain can create will cause feelings of depression to slowly dissipate away. This strain isn’t only good for helping with mental health, but it is also good for dealing with a variety of physical issues. Because of the increased feelings of relaxation after consuming Purple Animal Cookies, physical pain will feel like it is barely there. Migraines, headaches, arthritis symptoms, and other physical issues will feel relieved.

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