Purple Cheese

If it’s okay to eat blue cheese, then Purple Cheese is fair game too. This strain combines Purple #1, Blue Cheese, and Lowryder. It’s from Auto Seeds, and it has lots of CBD and tastes like sweet cheese. It’s a good strain to grow in a colder climate, and it can grow quite big. Up to 80 cms.
Because of its rarity, it is sometimes difficult finding a proper Purple Cheese strain review. Being able to spot the Purple Cheese strain in a dispensary is an exceptional treat. It is an indica-dominant strain that provides a sedative type of high. The THC content ranges from 12% to 20%. Purple Cheese has flowers that are not as large as many other strains, though they are very appealing to the eyes. The buds are kind of pebbly, and they all stick together and form tiny clusters that almost look like popcorn. The structure of the bud is very dense and tightly packed together. The leaves kind of look like spears, and they curl inward towards the stalks of the plant. In addition to the purplish leaves, you’ll also notice some yellows and greens on them. The purple hues on the leaves are caused by the anthocyanin, which most likely came from Purple #1. On the inner and outer surfaces of the flowers, there will be a heavy coating of sticky trichomes. Use a proper grinder to bust up the weed if you don’t want to get your hands all sticky.
Purple Cheese auto smells like sweet and tart grapes. Once you grind up Purple cheese, you’ll smell more of an earthy and musky type of aroma. Sometimes the smoke can be on the harsher side when consumed, and the exhale will taste like a sour grape flavor.

Medicinal Uses of Purple Cheese

The high produced from the Purple Cheese strain THC CBD usually comes on slowly. After the initial effects become noticeable, it starts to overtake you in full bore. Many users will experience an initial spacey and psychedelic feeling. Warping of the senses is also common, and time will be altered a fair amount. Users will also experience a change in depth perception. After the user becomes used to these initial feelings, they will start to feel a little more relaxed. Purple Cheese is a beneficial strain for those dealing with physical tension throughout their bodies. Consumers will feel like they are melting right into their environment, and the distortion of reality might spark up a little anxiety in novice users. Once the user gets into the right mindset and setting, relaxation and positive vibes will start to create a calm and soothing sensation. Users won’t want to pick up their list of chores after consuming this strain.
Purple Cheese cannabis has the ability to quiet down any negative thoughts that the user might be experiencing. That means it will be beneficial for users dealing with depression and high levels of stress. It also has the ability to numb out physical pain that is caused by chronic diseases. Those that deal with ongoing insomnia will like how it briskly drifts them off to sleep.

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