Purple Monkey Balls

Purple Monkey is a hard-hitting indica strain of unknown heritage that’s made for sinking into deep end-pf-day relaxation. The purple buds produce a sweet and fruity aroma that is super smooth on the inhale and envelops the air with a piney-berry smell. The indica-dominant strain is allegedly a mix between Northern California Purple Strain, Mendo Purps or Grandaddy Purple and an indica from Afghanistan.
No one exactly knows who is responsible for creating the Purple Monkey strain. All in all, it doesn’t really matter where Purple Monkey Balls came from. The only thing that matters is that it brings life to any environment it enters, with a whopping 19% THC content. Many users love the flavour of Purple Monkey because it is so vast. People might think that they are having dessert instead of actually smoking weed because it is so flavourful. If you’re using this strain in a crowded environment full of people around you, exercise some caution, because it does smell a little on the skunky side.
The Purple Monkey Strain is one that can be used either in the day or evening hours. It has fairly mixed effects on users, and how high you can get usually depends on the user’s tolerance level and how much they consume at a time. But, most people typically find that their focus will become a lot more concentrated. Consumers will also feel compelled to socialize with those around them. One of the nice things is that these feelings don’t just come and go, they will stick around for a while. As the high progress, users will feel a sense of relaxation overtake them, and that will be the only thing they’ll want to do when they get to that point. Some people who smoke this strain note that they feel a little too sedated, while others feel that it hits just the spot right where it should.

Purple Monkey Cultivation

Purple Monkey is known to be an easy strain to cultivate. It usually thrives a little more in the warmer and dryer climates, so remember that when you are trying to figure out if you’re going to grow this one indoors or outdoors. It takes around 8 weeks until you’ll be ready to harvest. Even taking a glance at Purple Monkey nuggets will have you wanting to try them out. You’ll be glad you did.

Medicinal Benefits Of Purple Monkey Balls

Many medicinal cannabis consumers like to use hybrid strains because of the wide variety of medical uses that they have to offer. After a couple of tokes of the Monkey Balls strain, users will feel that their depression and anxiety start to tame down. For those experiencing a stressful day or week at work, smoking this weed will help take the edge off. People that are experiencing any inflammation or fatigue throughout their bodies will find relief as well. Insomnia is another thing that is put to sleep with Purple Monkey.

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