Purple Paralysis

Pure Purple Paralysis. From Cream of the Crop, this sativa-dominant combines Lavender and Purple Plant. Alternatively, this strain is known as Jellyfish Bud. It smells like lavender covered in hash.
Purple Paralysis is a strain that sounds like it will completely paralyze you. While it does have the ability to do that, it also causes the user to feel very alert and uplifted. This strain has a THC level that hovers between 17% and 22%. The flowers on this strain are structurally formed very consistently. The size of the buds on Purple Paralysis are fairly long and not densely-packed together. The colors of the leaves are of a darker green, with deep purple hues. Taking a deeper look at the bud itself, you’ll notice tiny little neon-colored pistil hairs popping out. You won’t want to bust this strain up with your hands unless you want them to get extremely sticky due to the abundance of trichomes.
Users will love the fragrance of the Purple Paralysis strain. In addition to the lavender smell, you’ll smell hints of grapes, berries, and a kind of caramel aroma. When you are ready to light up and smoke the weed, you’ll love the smooth inhale, and soon after, the almost cocoa-flavored exhale.

General Effects Of Purple Paralysis

Even though Purple Paralysis is a heavily sativa-based strain, it might take some time to hit you. The first feeling that you’ll experience when it finally does, is a funny sensation around your forehead area. People might feel a tiny bit of flushing throughout the cheeks. Once these initial sensations start to subside, users will start to notice that their thinking and mental state has changed. Users will become deeply interested in things that they never found fascinating before consumption. The thought processes will jump from one place to the next in a quick fashion. For those who want to use this state of mind racing to their advantage, they can focus on analytical tasks that require a high degree of focus and creativity. In addition to the various mind-altering effects of Purple Paralysis, users will feel some increased physical sensations begin to affect their limbs. Once that starts to happen, it isn’t too long before users start to relax into a state of paralysis that will have them not wanting to move.
Purple Paralysis is beneficial in a number of ways for medicinal users. It can help people with attention deficit disorders focus on one task at a time with higher levels of concentration. For those dealing with stress and anxiety, it can provide moderate relief and lower the overall symptoms. Along the same lines, if you deal with panic or paranoia, the mind-racing that this strain can cause might result in negative experiences for some users.

Purple Paralysis Grow

Users will be disappointed to know that they can’t purchase seeds of this strain. For those that do manage to grow this strain from cuttings of their own, it takes around 9 to 10 weeks to fully mature. It is a resistant strain that can grow in many different weather conditions.

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