Purple Skunk

This skunk sprays you with its odor. It’s a sativa-dominant strain that combines Skunk #1 with a classic purple. It smells of a skunk fresh out of the earth, and its flavor has been comparable to wine. For growers, it takes 8-9 weeks to flower.

Smoking the purple skunk strain will take you back through time. You’ll feel like it’s the 80s and the only thing you have to worry about is who’s garage the boys are hanging out in. Purple Skunk is bound to chill you out far more than any other strain, yet in no way tires, you out. If anything it gives you the energy you need to have out of this world conversations. A favorite strain among those who love to crossfade simply because it counteracts the tired feeling some get when drinking booze. Many users actually report that their imagination goes wild when high on this. So wild in fact that many find other strains to be boring after smoking this stuff. What you think of, imagine, and see is simply up to you. Truly, your imagination is the limit, and as your imagination has no limits, you’re in for a wild ride. 

Purple Skunk cannabis strain is a fantastic strain for people suffering from medical ailments, and it’s used for that exact reason by many. First of all, a lot of people who suffer from severe migraines and headaches claim that smoking this weed every once in a while really helps them. Some speculate that this pain relief is often due to the inflammation reduction that this strain boasts. Another popular use is fatigue relief. Fatigue is common among a lot of people, and a large portion of those people use energy drinks to counteract it. Unfortunately, those energy drinks tend to be full of harmful chemicals. A good route to take around this is this strain! Purple Skunk is perfectly healthy and will give you all the energy you need to conquer fatigue. 

One of the biggest selling points for cannabis strain Purple Skunk is the smell and flavor. A lot of veteran cannabis users don’t typically like all the fancy new strains out there. They don’t want strains that smell like cotton candy and blueberries. They want the classic stench of a skunky joint. That’s exactly what Purple Skunk provides. You’re going to smell a strong skunky aroma paired with underlying hints of dirt and pine. The taste is pretty similar. A lot of skunks, some pine, and a healthy amount of Earth. If you’re an old school cannabis user, you need to try this strain. You’ll love this. 

Keep in mind cannabis strain Purple Skunk does have a few side effects. First of all, the scent does attach itself to clothing, hair, and a lot of other surfaces a lot stronger than other strains. Secondly, you may experience dry eyes and dry mouth, although this is to be expected so don’t stress out!

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