Purple Swish

Slip into a relaxed state of bliss with Purple Swish. The fruity indica is a cross of Purple Urkle and Rare Dankness #1, giving it it’s signature dark purple buds. The strain is recommended for migraines, ADD, and stress, and sets in hard and fast on the inhale. Enjoy at the end of the day.

Living up to its name nicely, the Purple Swish cannabis strain tastes of sweet blackberries and purple grapes. Underneath, the fruit is complemented with subtle Earthy hues. The taste alone is enough to keep users coming back, but the smell is even better! A fruity smell that gets better with every inhale. A soft lingering smoke that’s easy on the lungs, and an aroma that lingers long after use. The smell and taste are all that most need to stay committed, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other perks.

Many use Purple Swish Strain before bed, as it’s a perfect strain to mellow you out. Not to mention it raises your libido significantly, which for many is the perfect way to end a long day. Curl up with your significant other, let yourself be wrapped up in the euphoric high, and relax deeper than you ever thought you could. Keep in mind that this particular strain is not recommended for during the day use, as many people fall asleep or get couch-locked during use. It’s also important to note that the heavier the dose, the more potent the effects will be. A larger dose means a stronger and longer-lasting euphoria, but it may put you to sleep quicker. A lighter dose will reduce the lifespan of the euphoria, but it may increase your libido far more than a heavier dose as you’re no longer falling asleep super quickly.

This particular strain has a plentiful amount of medical benefits. In the physical realm, many reports that their cramps lessened and stayed away long after the cerebral and body high ended. Others claim that inflammation and body aches were drastically reduced upon the use of Purple Swish. It’s important to note that a reduction in inflammation means an increase in mobility. For those suffering from injury-induced inflammation, Purple Swish may just be the combatant you need.

As for medical benefits within the mental realm, many use the strain to fight off depression, insomnia, and stress. Increased libido and a big dose of euphoria are all many need to fight off depressive episodes. Don’t let depression get you down! Let Purple Swish give you a helping hand and you’ll feel better in no time at all. As for insomnia, Purple Swish tends to put users to sleep, making insomnia somewhat irrelevant. Last but not least, stress and anxiety are often reduced as a result of using Purple Swish, though unfortunately not as significantly as other cannabis strains.

Fortunately, this particular strain only maintains one possible side effect, and that’s dry mouth. Perhaps the most common side effects out of all cannabis strains available. If you experience dry mouth it is most likely due to dehydration. Regardless of the cause, drinking a glass of water every now and then is a sure-fire way to reduce and eliminate dry mouth quickly and effectively.

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