Queen Mother Goji

Queen Mother Goji sativa is a fantastic sativa strain. Most users typically light up with this particular strain because you get super relaxed. If you’re going to try this strain you can expect to be couch-locked like crazy. Not to mention the super warm body high. We recommend getting your munchies and drinks beforehand! You’re not going to want to move while high on this stuff! Many users report feeling super creative as well as super focused. However, many reports that creativity and concentration only last for a short while.

Most users have reported the OG plant’s aroma as being citrus-like. Alongside the citrus is the skunky smell of Earth, but that’s pretty standard across most strains of weed. As for the flavor, most report either lemon or lime tastes. Some have actually reported the taste of kiwi! Usually, flavor and aroma differ between people, but overall this OG sativa strain seems to smell and taste a lot like lemon!

Queen Mother Goji sativa has been known to be incredibly beneficial to people suffering from serious ailments. Examples being severe anxiety, depression, stress, and more. The strain works to warm up your body and mind to the point of absolute calm. Usually, anxiety and stress are caused by an increase in adrenaline and a rush of thoughts. Queen Mother Goji slows all of this down.

This OG sativa strain is also good for physical pain. It’s been known to reduce inflammation, ease chronic pain, and even get rid of headaches! If you’re going to try to reduce pain with this particular strain we recommend using edibles, as most info proves. They’re the easiest way to consume cannabis and are favorites among medical marijuana users.

Unfortunately, there are a few side effects from this sativa that are worth noting. Number one is dizziness. For many, this info isn’t all that big of a deal considering they’re lying down or sitting most of the time (when they’re high on this strain anyway). The second side effect is dry mouth. Dry mouth is one of the most common side effects out there and is easily countered by a glass of water (as a variety of info shows). Some people prefer Gatorade because it keeps their electrolytes up! The third and last side effect is dry eyes. If you experience dry eyes, try washing them out with warm water. This helps most people.

For more information, we recommend you refer to your local dispensary or a trusted doctor (if you’re looking for medical marijuana). With that in mind, you can also check out our mini menu below to find out more information on this particular strain of weed. Enjoy smoking Queen Mother Goji sativa!

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