Do a little dance, make a little rain. From Greenpoint Seeds, this strain combines Deadhead OG with a crossover of Chemdawg BX and Chemdawg 4. It’s a strain that has fast growth, plenty of yields, and a tarty, smelly scent to it with hints of diesel.

Known for its intense smell of diesel and wood, Raindance Strain is a favourite among cannabis veterans. Alongside the diesel and wood, you’ll find Earthy aromas that tie the overall picture together. As for flavour, many claims that the Raindance tastes as though it came straight from a forest filled with luscious pine trees. The diesel adds to this to create a flavour truly extraordinary. Many even find that the taste reminds them of old school cannabis.

Raindance is well known for its ability to mellow you out and put you to sleep. With creativity spikes that compete with only top quality strains, Raindance is a marvel among cannabis enthusiasts. Raindance is the perfect strain to use when simply needing to relax and zone out. Perhaps you’ve had a hard day, or are just simply in need of a good body and cerebral high. Regardless, Raindance is the strain to use when looking for an intense old school high.
Raindance has several medical benefits relating to the physical realm. For one, many use this particular strain of cannabis to cope with and reduce body pain. Raindance has reportedly been beneficial for those struggling with headaches, backaches, as well as headaches. Some users even report a reduction in inflammation when using Raindance. After all, inflammation is often the cause of aching body parts, hence when reducing inflammation you’re reducing pain at the same time. Not to mention inflammation can reduce mobility, so in a sense, Raindance gives you back the mobility you may have lost.

As for mental health benefits, many people report that Raindance helped them conquer depression and insomnia. Often at times, depression can be caused by excessive worry and self-doubt, but when you’re on Raindance, there’s no room for those negative emotions. Insomnia is reduced to essentially nothing when under the influence of Raindance. By mellowing you out and putting you to sleep, insomnia stands no chance.

Unfortunately, this particular strain is not without its fair share of side effects. First off, some users report that they feel anxious when using Raindance. Fortunately, this problem is not common, and it is certainly not severe. It tends to only happen to beginners that don’t know what to expect or how to cope with a cerebral high. Secondly, some users report feeling dizzy when using Raindance. Although this can be unfortunate, Raindance tends to couch-lock some and put others to sleep. Not much room for the dizziness to be a problem. Lastly is dry eyes and dry mouth.

These two are perhaps the most common of symptoms across all cannabis strains. If you experience dry mouth, drink plenty of fluids. If you experience dry eyes, once again drink plenty of fluids, and if the problem does not go away, use eye drops or wash your eyes with clean fresh water. Typically these side effects only occur when dehydrated.

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