Ray Charles

Potent and lush, Ray Charles is a sedative and couch-locking strain named after the bud-friendly blues musician and songwriter by the same name. The full-body high of this strain sets in with intensely sedative qualities that’ll have you drifting off to dreamland. Use to unwind at the end of the day, or to help calm stress and anxiety.
Because of its seemingly undocumented past, it can be tedious in trying to find an accurate Ray Charles strain review. The Ray Charles strain is an indica that has a background that hasn’t been well documented. But, what is known about this strain is that it provides a relaxation to its users that even Ray Charles himself would be proud of. The THC level in the Ray Charles weed strain averages around 15% to 21%. When you look at Ray Charles, you’ll instantly notice the big and nicely formed flowers that kind of meld together in interesting tapered and spherical formations. Cannabis lovers will see that this is an indica strain right away by the dense and tightly packed leaves and buds. The color of the leaves are a darker shade of green, and you’ll notice orange pistils woven throughout. The buds are also covered in trichomes, which reveals that this strain can get you pretty baked.
The scent that Ray Charles emits will remind you of a compost bin because of its mix of sour and sweet scents. If you smell it a little closer, you’ll notice almost chemical-like fragrances. After you grind up the bud, a more hashy scent will be given off. If you smoke Ray Charles in a joint or a pipe, you should expect to experience some coughing and eye-watering, because it can sometimes be fairly harsh. On the exhale, users will notice some sweeter diesel smelling fragrances.

Effects Of Ray Charles

Ray Charles is a sedative strain that will have users feeling very calm and relaxed. If you really want to dive into a deeper level of relaxation, you can even try listening to some Ray Charles music after a few tokes. Because of this strain being an indica, it’s recommended to consume it during the evening hours. It can help people unwind after a stressful day or week at work, and can briskly help people who deal with insomnia to fall asleep and stay asleep a lot better.

Growing Ray Charles

Even though Ray Charles strain info is hard to find and seeds aren’t available to purchase online, cannabis cultivators will still try to get clippings of more mature plants and attempt to make clones out of them. If they are successful in doing so, the strain can be grown inside or outside. If you do choose to grow it outside, it’s recommended to keep in mind that this strain requires a semi-humid climate to thrive in. It will typically take around 8 or 9 weeks for Ray Charles to harvest. Ray Charles is a difficult strain to get your hands on, and for those that are able to try this one out, they should consider themselves lucky.

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