Rebel Berry OG

This is a rebel with a cause. It’s a sativa-dominant strain from Kottton, and it has a unique flavour and smell. It has a hint of blueberries, cheese, citrus, and a bit of spicey vanilla. A stoner’s delight. Rebel Spirit Cannabis offers this strain, so get to it. It’s award-winning, taking the Best Outdoor Award in the 2016 Oregon Growers Cup.

The cannabis scene in Oregon is alive and well, and the people at Kotton for Rebel Spirit Cannabis are putting out what some people might refer to as gourmet weed. Rebel Berry OG their sativa dominant marijuana strain that is nothing short of an absolutely delicious flavour extravaganza. Perhaps part of the beauty of this strain lies in its mystery, no one really knows exactly where Rebel Berry OG came from. Genetic makeup aside, this plant is a perfect way to start any day. Rebel Berry OG has a moderate THC concentration level of around 15%. The strain is a great option for cannabis users of all experience levels, give it a try, whether you are a veteran of a newbie. Rebel Berry OG nugs come in a deep dark shade of green with very vivid pistils with glistening white trichomes.

In terms of taste and smell, Rebel Berry OG has aromas and flavours that are sure to impress. It has the mouthwatering tones that are reminiscent of a slice of fresh blueberry cheesecake. This dessert flavour is complemented by a hint of tangy citrus. It surely is a treat for your tastebuds.

Almost instantly after smoking Rebel Berry OG you’ll feel this bud hit you right between the eyes. This is followed by a mood uplifting experience that may have you giggling uncontrollably. The euphoric state of this high is accompanied by intense creativity. Try smoking some Rebel Berry OG when you need an extra dose of creative juices to complete a brainstorming session or finish a painting. Be warned, you will need to prepare for this smoke by stocking up on snacks. The high comes with serious munchies that will have you eating through your entire kitchen if you are unprepared. As you go through the comedown from this smoke, you will experience a moderate sense of relaxation rippling through your body.

Medical marijuana users like this strain because along with its physical healing abilities it gives one positive vibe. People suffering from mental health issues including chronic depression, stress and anxiety find this smoke soothes the mental pressure symptomatic to these issues. Patients with attention deficit disorders find that Rebel Berry OG allows them to streamline their activities and focus on one task at a time. This cannabis strain is also helpful in easing pain from migraines, headaches and menstrual cramps. Patience you experience nausea and lack of appetite from chemotherapy appreciate Rebel Berry OG’s ability to provide lasting relief. If you are interested in growing Rebel Berry OG for your personal weed stash, you are out of luck. It is a truly exclusive bud that breeders are quite secretive about. Many people describe Rebel Berry OG as a clone-only strain. Most veteran marijuana home growers are actually unsure if it can even be homegrown. You probably won’t get your hands on this strain outside of the Pacific Northwest. If by some luck you happen to find some of this luscious bud, give it a good smoke in those moments when you want to have an equally uplifting and relaxing experience. Rebel Berry OG is the stuff that cannabis dreams are made from.

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