Ringo’s Gift

At first, we thought Ringo Starr had a gift, but this strain is named for Lawrence Ringo, the deceased cannabis activist who helped CBD take off. There are many types of Ringo’s Gift, and all of them have high amounts of CBD. Some go as high as 24:1. It’s a strain that’s great for pain, inflammation, and other ailments.

Ringo’s Gift creates a thick canopy of thin sun leaves during the vegetation cycle and spreads conservatively during the flowering cycle. For those that are growing Ringo’s Gift indoors, it is a versatile hybrid that achieves full maturity within 56-70 days of the flower cycle. If it is grown outside, the strain matures by around mid-October in the Northern Hemispheres or mid-April in the Southern Hemisphere. It typically develops big flowers with a bud structure that is pretty loose. Ringo’s Gift is an equally balanced hybrid strain (40% indica/60% sativa) produced as a cross between the heavy CBD Harle-Tsu X ACDC strains. This weed is a preference for many as a shatter or oil and was bred primarily to obtain a ratio of 1:20 THC to CBD, with most usually reaching around 1%:13-20%. Ringo’s Gift has a traditional delicate and fresh earthy hash scent with a remarkably strong undertone of mint. The flavour is also much the same, with an earthy hash-like scent that contains a strong minty exhale which intensifies when you keep smoking.

Ringo’s Grift Characteristics

The buds on this strain are very big and they contain airy round light minty green nugs that are fully covered with neon-green coloured leaves and orange hairs. There is also a smooth, frosty white crystal coating of trichomes on them. The high that is typically produced from Ringo’s Grift is a mixture of relaxation all throughout the body and cerebral activity. Users will feel the high starting in their head that begins with an uplifting rush that leaves you feeling relaxed and friendly with strong relief from any thought of mind racing or mental pain. It may seem like Ringo’s Gift isn’t good enough to do much for you on the mental side of things, but the findings and reviews from consumers are quite shocking. Some note that this strain is common in Barcelona’s club scene as it offers mental focus and energy along with a very high feeling of physical relaxation that doesn’t weigh you down. The consumer’s mood will skyrocket and they will want to socialize with everyone. It will feel so easy and will help you to quickly make friends and keep the drama of everyday life away from you where it should be.

Ringo’s Grift is considered to be a goldmine find for cannabis users that require it for medicinal purposes. It will soothe inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, and will create a sense of peace that will create a feeling of openness in you. Ringo’s Grift is recommended for daytime use. If you are new to cannabis use, Ringo’s Grift is a great choice to start with.

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