Rolls Choice

We think Roll made the right choice. This strain is sativa-dominant and a combination of Chemdawg and OG Kush. It has a unique aroma. A bit skunky, a bit sour, a bit piney, and a bit like diesel. Rolls Choice Strain took place in the 2015 Emerald Cup and ended up winning 7th place in the category of Top Ten Flowers. Royal Choice Farms created the strain, and it’s been popular for evening use ever since. People typically use this strain medicinally, as well as for recreation. Recreational use is popular due to the sedative-like effects the strain provides. Due to the strain’s modest THC levels, virtually anyone can enjoy it.

Looking for an excellent body high? Look no further than Rolls Choice. Not only will your extremities and torso feel extremely warm and comfortable, but your mind and soul will be left feeling euphoric and at ease. Rolls Choice is a prominent road that many take to relieve stress, as well as battle anxiety. It is important to note that the strain is a great counter to chronic pain like arthritis. Also, for those suffering from appetite loss, anorexia, or nausea, Rolls Choice may be the ally you need as the munchies are definitely present. Gastrointestinal disorders stand no chance against the effects of Rolls Choice, and as such, many people use it to counter nighttime sleep interruptions caused by said gastrointestinal disorders. The strain usually drives users to remain seated, or “couch-locked”.

Expect to have your mood brightened, your smile widened, your pain relieved, and hilarious uncontrollable giggles.
Rolls Choice is a go-to for many people who suffer from some sort of insomnia. Picture your happy place and get lost in relaxation as Rolls Choice slowly but surely lulls you to sleep. Upon falling asleep you’ll experience deep, soothing sleep. One that is sure to last hours upon hours. Depression keeps you awake at night? Worry no longer, for Rolls Choice fights that off for you. Get back to sleep you’ll never forget, and look forward to at the end of every long and tedious day.

Rolls Choice is described by many users as being skunky and often at times sour. However, diesel and earth are also very present upon use. Some people even report that they taste and smell pine. This goes for both the smell and the taste, although many report that the smell is far more skunky and sour than the taste. The bud is fluffy and is known for its spade-like nugs that are often light green. Expect to see crystal trichomes, tiny and amber in nature, as well as orange hairs every so often.

Overall, Rolls Choice is one of the best strains out there in terms of aiding your sleep. Unlike other strains, you’ll feel super euphoric, and your energy levels will not rise above what they already are. Rather, you’ll feel calm and collected. Warm and at peace. Deep soothing sleep is on the horizon, and it’s coming your way.

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