Safety Meeting

This is one meeting you won’t want to miss. Combining 9lb Hammer and Electric Watermelon, this strain is a trichome-covered, light green sensation. It smells kushy and has a melon skunk to it.

About Safety Meeting,
The Most Relaxing Meeting Ever

Safety Meeting is a recently bred indica dominant weed strain that was created by JinxProof Genetics. Safety Meeting Strain is the ideal strain for those moments when you feel like you need to unload your stresses and clear your mind from whatever might be weighing heavily on you. It is drenched in trichomes with light green buds that have a grassy smell with notes of skunky melon and tones of earthy kush. In terms of THC concentration, it ranges between 14% and 23% THC potency. The buds have a solid dense formation, with short leaves that are coiled tightly inward. The leaves themselves are a mossy green and are intertwined with orange-red pistils. In some plants the flowers have a purple hue, the shades of purple usually appear when the plants are exposed to cold weather during the growing process.

The high from a Safety Meeting smoke will hit you almost immediately. After the first few puffs, you may feel some light pressure around your temples and the front of your forehead. You may find that deep breathing may come more easily in the few moments after smoking, this is accompanied by a release in muscular tension. As the effects move from the mind to the body, you will begin to experience a full-body high that may leave you feeling disoriented, as if you are floating through the sky.

This marijuana strain does bring on subtle mental stimulation that does not trigger intense, cerebral processing. It can slightly alter your perception, for example, sounds or colours may take on a new intensity. Watching a movie with great visuals or listening to your favourite album can be an unforgettable experience on a Safety Meeting high. If you increase your dosage you are very likely to end up in a couch-lock, with your energy and motivation being sapped. For medical cannabis patients, this strain offers a number of benefits. Due to its mood uplifting properties, this bud can provide some temporary relief to people who have symptoms of mild to moderate depression and stress. Its sedative properties can be helpful to patients who struggle with insomnia.

For people who have lost their appetites due to medications or treatments like chemotherapy, it can help to stimulate appetite and keep nausea at bay. It is also an ideal option for people who suffer from frequent panic attacks or anxiety. Fortunately for home growers, the seed form of this plant is available online from JinxProof Genetics. It can be grown both in or outdoors. Cultivation requires a semi-humid climate with temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant grows short and bushy with lateral branching. You will need to trim away any light-blocking fan leaves to encourage the growth of flowering nodes on lower branches.

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