If you rely on consistent genetic origins, Schrom is not the strain for you. This sativa dominant strain and its genetics are still up to debate. Schrom is either a cross between Romulan x Silver Haze or Romulan x Santa Marta Columbian Gold. Regardless of its genetics, Schrom provides a clear-headed buzz and uplifting energy felt immediately in the head. Stay functional, while relaxing your body and relieving pain and stress. Schrom gives off a strong limey-lemon odor and is perfect for the morning or afternoon.

If you struggle to stay awake during the day, you definitely need to start smoking this strain. If you haven’t already, you’re really missing out. Seriously, just a few hits and you’ll be super energized. And don’t get us wrong. This isn’t like drinking a bunch of energy drinks. You’re going to feel super motivated and energized, but you won’t feel jittery. You won’t feel anxious, you won’t feel stressed. It’s the perfect remedy for fatigue and the perfect replacement for flawed modern energy methods like caffeine and chemicals. Alongside the energy, boost is the intense creativity you’re bound to feel. Have you been struggling with writer’s block? Are you an aspiring artist but can’t think of an original piece? Maybe you’re just struggling to write creative pieces for school? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, try this strain out right away. Schrom strain is bound to boost your imagination beyond its typical limits.

Wondering what this strain tastes like? Well, all you have to do to put that question into perspective is to imagine drinking lemonade! Yes, that’s right! A lot of people actually claim this strain tastes so citrus-like it’s basically lemonade! Regardless of whether or not everyone agrees with that claim, most would agree that it’s certainly refreshing and flavourful. The smell is slightly different. Most people claim that it smells like oranges rather than lemonade. Ever peeled an orange and smelled the peel? That beautiful fresh smell is exactly what this weed smells like.

Do you suffer from chronic pains? The Schrom strain is great at alleviating long-lasting pain. It may not be a permanent solution, but it’s one hell of a temporary one. You could rip your arm off and not feel it should you be high on this strain at the same time. Do you suffer from anorexia or another eating disorder? If so, you’re in luck. This strain will give you munchies like crazy. You’ll be eating so much while high on this that you’re bound to put on weight. Not to mention you won’t be able to purge it since you won’t feel nauseated at all while high on this! Overall this is a really great strain with some really great effects. If you’re not smoking it right now, you’re missing out.

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