Scout’s Honor

If only they smoked this in the Scouts. This indica-dominant strain combines OG Kush Breath with OG Kush. It’s a Kushy, earthy, smell that’s powerful, yet a bit like cookies. It’s from Los Angeles Kush and was created by Bert Baccarat. It’s dense, covered in trichomes, and great for resin.
Scouts Honor weed strain is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis plant created by crossing two classic and potent strains. It is no surprise that the combination resulted in this legendary smoke. Bert Baccarat outdid themselves when they bred this plant, and it is one strain that every weed enthusiast absolutely should try at some point. Our Scouts Honor strain review will provide the key facts we think you should know about this bud, and we are sure it will convince you to try it if you haven’t already.
First of all, let’s talk about the characteristics of this gorgeous strain. Scouts Honour marijuana has buds that are pretty dense and very resinous. The buds will give off a smell of rich, pungent earth with woody forest notes and a bit of spice. In terms of the flavour profile, you can expect to pick up some notes of sweet pine that taste a bit spicy on the exhale.
This is not a smoke for the faint at heart; people who have a low THC tolerance should be sure to take limited doses in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by this strain’s power. It has a super high THC concentration level that lies in the range of 28-32 %, it is definitely not a weak plant. Scouts Honor is best enjoyed in the evening or at night because it has been known to knock some smokers out in a few minutes.

Scouts Honor cannabis effects

The effects of Scouts Honor pot will hit most smokers when they least expect it. The high starts by subtly creeping on your mind and body, when you think that you are in control, it begins to build up before knocking right into you with a heavy relaxing and highly sedative experience. Your body will begin to comfortably slip into a deep state of calmness that relaxes you completely. If you were feeling worried about anything, this is the point when those worries start to fade away.
As the body settles into this blissful, relaxed state, the mind will get a rapid influx in creativity that will pump your imagination and yet it does not affect your energy levels. Occasional users say that at this point in the high, they will start to doze off and slip into a deep sleep. These intense effects make Scouts Honor a great option for a night time smoke to unwind from a long day.
Medical marijuana patients who are suffering from insomnia and restless sleep can find much-needed rest after smoking this strain. Scouts Honor has also been well known to bring relief to people who experience chronic pain that comes with several serious illnesses and injuries. Thanks to its incredibly calming effect, it is also helpful in dealing with some of the symptoms associated with anxiety and chronic stress.

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