Scroopy Noopers

If you have a high enough IQ to watch Rick and Morty, you know this name from that show. It’s the combination of Stardawg and Girl Scout Cookies. It has a cookie, coffee, cacao smell to it that’s a bit acrid.
Green Dream is the team responsible for bringing Scroopy Noopers from Rick and Morty to life. The Scroopy Noopers strain is a balanced hybrid that contains a very high level of THC content that sits at around 27%. This strain isn’t for the novice user because right after consumption, you’ll feel so high that it will have you thinking of very deep philosophical questions about life that you never thought you would ever be thinking about. Scroopy Noopers has buds that are a bright green shade that is coated in thick trichomes. What many people like about this strain is the interesting kaleidoscope of flavours that it has to offer. It will taste like a medley of chocolate that is mixed with coffee and earthy accents and backgrounds of burnt flavour.
Scroopy Noopers marijuana is a strain you can enjoy right in the middle of the day or before you start the rest of your evening activities. It takes you on a ride that will pick you up with feelings of happiness and create a surge of motivation. Creativity will also flare-up that you thought you never had. Tasks on your list of things to do will start to be checked off a lot faster once you consume a bit of this weed. You might want to finish cleaning the house, continue on a project that you keep putting aside, or just be active.
If you’re interested in trying to grow this strain at home, then you’ll have a difficult time with that because Green Dream won’t let these seeds get away from them. If you’re in the Colorado area, you’ll typically be able to get some Scroopy Noopers from a dispensary.

Medicinal Benefits Of Scroopy Noopers

For those that suffer from appetite issues, Scroopy Noopers is especially effective in creating hunger in people. After consumption, people might start raiding their kitchen and cupboards for something to eat. For those that deal with ongoing nausea, another benefit of this strain is its ability to lower those feelings. For those that deal with pain in their body as a result of arthritis, or other issues, Scroopy Noopers can help relieve that. Migraine and headache pain will also be lessened. Because this strain causes uplifting feelings, depression and stress could benefit from it. Depending on what dosage you use, you might also find some relief from insomnia.
If you’re ever feeling a little down and want to kick start your day back into gear, then this is a useful strain to consume. It’s a good strain to enjoy with some friends and just hang out and relax.

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