Popular for its sensual qualities, Sexxpot is an aptly named strain that heightens sensitivity and induces a feeling of euphoria. This bud is designed with lower levels of THC to give smokers a sublime high without being too overwhelming.

This marijuana strain is a unique pure indica strain known as the “female Viagra” of weed. Created by Karen Wagner this strain quickly became a popular choice for female consumers seeking an increased libido. With moderate levels of THC makes it suitable for both new and experienced cannabis users. In addition to being a favourite choice for recreational use, Sexpott has several benefits for medical cannabis users.

The high from smoking it kicks in quickly, some users will feel an instant pressure around the temples and eyes. It stimulates creativity and free-thinking making it perfect for brainstorming sessions. Certain sounds and sights that would not ordinarily be of interest can be highlighted by its effect. The energizing high induces a full-bodied euphoric experience bringing on feelings of happiness and positive vibes. Inhibitions are lowered as the high intensifies and mild tensions in the body are eased, great for unwinding after a long day. This kind of weed can be enjoyed with friends for a good chill session. In fact, the cannabis stain’s mind and body effects work well with activities that involve both mental and physical focus, such as playing video games, exercise and of course great sex. For the best experience, pace yourself with this marijuana strain. It can cause dry mouth and eyes, keep a glass of water handy, you’ll thank us later. The strain has immense pharmacological value. Patients with stress, depression and anxiety can take this cannabis to take the edge off. The energizing effect of smoking this bud lends itself to helping patients suffering from fatigue. It is an effective relief for aches and pains from injuries as well as pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis. This bud’s body buzz minimizes the sting of muscle spasms. Its anti-inflammatory properties can be helpful in managing nausea and treating headaches. Sexxpot can also be used to stimulate appetite and soothe the stomach.

The beauty of this cannabis strain is also displayed in its full flavour and aroma. It has a pleasant earthy coffee scent with spicy, nutty tones. The aroma hits the nose as soon as the bag is opened. Its flavour is a fruity cocktail with hints of berries and peaches. On the exhale, Sexxpot leaves a skunky aftertaste. Seeds of Sexxpot are not available for sale online. Those looking to grow this strain at home have to get clippings from mature plants and then grow identical clones. However, once they get their hands on some clippings home-growers appreciate the mould and cold-resistant qualities of this plant, making it easy to grow in changing weather patterns. It does, however, require constant care and pruning. Pruning allows the bud to focus its nutrients on growing big, dense nugs.

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