Sirius Black

Sirius Black is a dark and rich bud by the Oregon Breeders Group. The deep purple indica-dominant strain has a strong grapey flavour and a tart flavour profile that makes it relaxing and energetic. This is the perfect strain for smokers looking for that indica relaxation without much of a sedative feel, perfect for parties and social gatherings.

Sirius Black shares its name with a mysterious Harry Potter character but the strain is actually named for its dark purple colour. Oregon Breeders Group claims that Sirius Black was originally created in Portland in the 1980s. It is said to have been developed under the auspices of the Sirius Black Project and Oregon Breeders Group has kept this strain a mystery by not revealing Sirius Black’s genetics. Whatever the facts around its mysterious origins, Sirius Black is a fragrant strain that has serious bag appeal and an enduring body high to boot. It has a THC content that has been measured at between 15% and 25% potency. The dark flowers that Sirius Black is really named for are certainly impressive. The buds of this cannabis strain are medium to large in size. The buds adhere in impressive tapered, formations that look like pinecones.

Sirius Black buds maintain the structure that is characteristically associated with sativas. The strain has leaves that are small in size and they curl tightly inward toward their stems. The leaves on this plant are coloured in a deep, uniform purple, that leans towards indigo. With a closer look, you will spot very few specs of green. This unusual shade is brought about as a result of a very high concentration of pigments that are known as anthocyanins. In addition, this beautiful plant has yellow pistils and translucent trichomes that cover all the visible surfaces of Sirius Black’s stunning flowers. On the nose, this weed strain has a mostly sweet scent with fruity overtones. You will pick up whiffs berries and grapes. There is also an underlying forest aroma, the smell may remind you of potpourri. When you open up or grind the buds you will smell an intense earthy tang. This strain gives off a very smooth smoke that is easily ingested when lazed in a joint or a pipe. On the exhale the thick smoke tastes fruity and floral. If you are an aspiring home grower who happens to be around the Oregon area, Oregon Breeders Group can provide Sirius Black clones and seeds via their Facebook page.

As part of the mystery around Sirius Black marijuana, there is little information that is publicly available on what the best practices are for growing this plant. What we do know is that it is similar to many hybrid strains in that it can be grown either out or indoors and it prefers a hot, humid climate. Oregon Breeders Group says that the strain’s purple colour can be achieved through the typical growing protocol. It, therefore, does not require gardeners to cold-shock the plants by exposing them to low nighttime temperatures. If you’re ever in Oregon, or if you are lucky enough to live there be sure to grab a bit of this impressive bud wherever you can get your hands on it. Sirius Black is a must-try for indica lovers and for terpene appreciators.

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