Snow Goddess

If you think of a Snow Goddess, you will most like picture images of a strong woman dressed in white, and she really fits that description somewhat when you consider her effects. From the 303 Seeds of Colorado, this cross between Ski Train and Goddess OG delivers the right combination of smoothness and power, inspiring you to experience it at any time of the day.

Snow Goddess Strain registers at an average of 18% in THC content, making it ideal for many different users. The nuggets on Snow Goddess are an extraordinary sight to observe, and while her green shade is quite ordinary, they are caked with clumpy trichomes and covered in resin that appears like sugar. As if it couldn’t change, the aromas and tastes are very sweet, replicated. The fragrance smells sweet and will remind you of watermelon, strawberry, and bubblegum.

There is one piece of advice that you need to know about to Snow Goddess. You need to be vigilant with your dosage to make sure you’re getting the high you’re chasing. It will only take one or two tokes to provide you with a sense of uplifting pleasure to concentrate on your most urgent activities. Although you might not experience nonstop energy for hours, there’s definitely success waiting in the cards. Use this weed in larger doses and brace yourself for an intense feeling of anticipation to come your way if you’re after a more soothing high.

Regrettably, 303 Seeds permit only a handful of people to get their hands on Snow Goddess seeds. There’s a good chance you’ll never cultivate this plant at home unless you’re very involved in the cannabis industry. But, if you end up in the unusual but fortunate scenario of having your own plant, experts recommend that you allow it 8 to 10 weeks to mature fully.

If her tastes and fragrances don’t have you coming back for more, her effects undoubtedly will. Make sure to test around with dosages and to try it out at different times of the day, because that will have an impact on your high as well. The chances are high that you will have a positive experience that will fulfill your expectations.

Uses Of Snow Goddess

Medical users typically often choose cannabis strains with extremely high levels of THC, and while Snow Goddess may not necessarily fit that description, it is still useful in treating a range of mild conditions. Snow Goddess has some useful neurological effects that make her an ideal choice for stress and depression therapy.

If you are looking for a more enjoyable for laid-back experience, you can find that it is fairly efficient in alleviating body pain. Even though it might sound cliché, this strain offers almost a type of choose-your-own-adventure type of high when it comes to therapeutic applications, so be sure to try it out at least a couple of times.

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