Sonoma Coma

Enjoy Sonoma Coma, an award-winning strain known for its powerful sativa effects. Sonoma Coma is bred in Sonoma County, California and has unknown genetic origins due to breeder secrecy. Sonoma Coma claimed the prize for 1st Place Sativa at the 2012 High Time Medical Cannabis cup in Los Angeles. This strain begins with cerebral energy and head high that pushes you towards the social activity. Raciness fades into tingly relaxation as the Sonoma Coma starts to kick in and lay claim to its name. Sonoma Coma has an infamous sweet tropical fruit aroma and earthy and wood undertones. The flavor is also complex, providing a surprising hash-like after taste.
Take a brief read of this Sonoma Coma strain review to learn more about it. Even though Sonoma Coma isn’t an indica strain of cannabis, it still has the ability to bring those who consume it into a relaxing state that will help you sleep. The cerebral high that Sonoma Coma starts with might cause a little bit of anxiety for those that feel like they are prone to it. Beginner users might also experience anxiety if they don’t know what to expect from a potent sativa strain. Most users will generally just feel a surge of energy and laughter from Sonoma Coma. This strain doesn’t produce too many bodily effects, but the increased appetite will have users scattering around their kitchen for all types of different snack food.
The exact origination story of how Sonoma Coma came to be is still shrouded in mystery. Even though this mystery still hasn’t been solved, Happy Lil Trees, a dispensary in California, submitted this strain into the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup back in 2012. In the sativa category, the strain came in the first place. The Sonoma Coma strain has a taste similar to tropical fruit but also contains hints of spice. It has a THC content of above 20%, so it can really hit you hard.

Medicinal Uses Of Sonoma Coma

Sonoma Coma has a number of different medical uses. With this strain, it’s recommended to know your doses because if you consume a lot of it without knowing your own tolerance level, then there is a chance that paranoia or anxiety may occur. If you consume it at lower levels and know how much you can take, it can really have a positive impact on your mood. If you’re feeling drowsy throughout the day, it can give you a joyous boost of energy that will help you complete tasks that you weren’t ready to do before consuming it. Because of the uplifting effects of this strain, people prone to depression can effectively use it for some relief. Stress levels can also be reduced from Sonoma Coma, so if you’ve had a long day or week at work, then consuming a bit of this will help take the edge off. People suffering from a low appetite will benefit from the desire for food that comes after smoking this weed.

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