Sour Cherry Sherbert

This is making my sweet tooth throb. Sour Cherry Sherbert is a sativa-dominant strain that combines Sunset Sherbet and Laughing Gas. It creates a strain that smells like the name describes, along with diesel. It tastes even bitter, with a bit of pine, lavender, hops, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Finding an accurate Sour Cherry strain review can sometimes be tough because there is a lot of scattered information on this weed. The Sour Cherry strain of cannabis has a relatively unknown ratio of indica and sativa attributes. Though some sources will state that it is even and balanced right across the board, it isn’t very easy to pinpoint the exact percentages. There also isn’t any data available on the THC content levels in this strain.

General Effects And Medicinal Uses

Because of the Sour Sherbert strain being a little mysterious in that regard, it is hard to say exactly how you will feel unless you give your current batch a try. If you take a look at various reviews on the Sour Cherry Sherbet strain, you will note that many users have said that it creates a strong type of body buzz that brings relaxation. Because of that, it could be beneficial for those that deal with pain and fatigue throughout the body due to arthritis or fibromyalgia. It is also known to help boost the mood of users. Mood-boosting strains are useful for those that deal with depression. It could be a valuable strain for those that have had a stressful day at work as well. If you don’t have depression or aren’t dealing with any stress, but just have a low mood, then smoking some Sour Cherry Sherbert can really take the edge off and give you the boost you need to see the sun shining again. Insomniacs might also benefit from the relaxation of Sour Cherry.

Key Aspects

Like many strains of cannabis, Sour Cherry can cause the typical side effects such as red eyes and dry mouth. Those that are prone to paranoia might also experience a little of that too. Dizziness is another reported side effect. Other than dispensaries in Oregon, Sour Cherry is a difficult strain to get your hands on. Users have reported that Sour Cherry has a relatively long-lasting high that will buzz them off into a deep and pleasant mindset of relaxation and mellowness. Some have said that while cultivating Sour Cherry, it can sometimes have an unpleasant odor. After it is done growing and cured correctly, it becomes a favorite amongst users. It typically takes between 63 to 70 days to harvest Sour Cherry, and it is listed as a moderately tricky strain to grow.
Sour Cherry can pack quite a punch when consumed. Because it is unclear what the THC will be in this strain if you are able to purchase it, it’s recommended that beginner users steer clear of it until they know their tolerance levels and are more familiar with how cannabis affects them.

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